March Madness Gonzaga Falls Short Again As The Favorite

While Timme Gonzaga had a game-high of 25 points and 7 rebounds, he and Holmgren were unable to garner adequate support from their teammates.

Asked about Holmgren, who was not one of the three Gonzaga players present at the post-match press conference, “We needed Chet to remain there a bit longer.”

March Madness Gonzaga Falls Short Again As The Favorite

Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, and the rest of the Golden State Warriors are used to the Chase Center’s rims, which aren’t quite as good as those of Arkansas and Gonzaga.

Three heads slammed into the rims for most of the night, and the runners took advantage of it. In the end, neither team was able to convert on their free throw attempts.

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Losing 32-29

In the first half, Gonzaga found itself in a familiar position, losing 32-29. Only four points separated the 16th-ranked Gonzagas from Georgia State halfway through the second half before losing in a loss. At one point in the second half, they trailed Memphis by 12 points before edging them out for the win.

The Zags’ Registration Issues With Extensions Were Out of Character for Them.

It took Arkansas about four minutes to come back from a 27-19 lead, which Gonzaga never recovered from, despite having the best offence in the country. The root of the problem was sporadic 3-point shooting. In Gonzaga’s five post-season games, Chet Holmgren, a 43.8 percent 3-point shooter in the regular season, made only two of 16 3-pointers.

On Thursday, Julian Strother, who had a 39.6 percent field-goal percentage and three free throws in the tournament, made just one 3-pointer and concluded the tournament with a 1-14 record.

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No matter how good a shooter you are, you will still miss shots, according to Holmgren, who admitted as much on Wednesday. Your self-assurance must not wane. So the next time I shoot that shot, I know it’s going to go in because I work on it every day in the gym.”