Romulus Mayor Leroy Burcroff Democrat Or Republican

Romulus Mayor LeRoy Burcroff surreptitiously made changes to his campaign fund and made a substantial personal contribution.

Mayor LeRoy Burcroff and other Michigan officials were the subject of investigation in October.

Romulus Mayor Leroy Burcroff Democrat Or Republican

Expenditures linked to a candidate’s campaign or position as an elected official are acceptable under Michigan law, but personal use of funds is not.

Burcroff’s family members appear frequently in his campaign statements. More than $6,000 has been sent to his children, brother, and even son-in-law to cover office rent and campaign office upkeep costs.

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Several Family Members Received “Charitable Donations” as a Result of the Campaign, According to Reports.

There have been almost $4,400 in payments made to the adjacent Belleville Yacht Club by the Mayor, including over $3,800 in recurring “memberships” and thousands more reported as “donations.” This corresponded with his daughter’s wedding, which was held in that club.

Last November, Burcroff evaded queries about whether the fund paid for any of his daughter’s wedding expenses and whether his spending has always been in accordance with the law.

His campaign also reported to American Express and US Bank over $10,000 in mysterious credit card payments. Credit card payments in Michigan must be itemised by law, but Burcroff failed to do so repeatedly.

According to campaign finance lawyer Steve Liedel, “there could be something that explains all this, or perhaps there isn’t.” If you don’t have the data, you won’t be able to find out.”

Some Locals in Romulus were Alarmed to Learn of the Mayor’s Extravagant Expenditures.

‘I was disappointed to discover that the Mayor of Romulus was implicated in this,’ said resident and longtime employee William Maze.

“When he refused to answer any inquiries involving his campaign funding, the silence was deafening,” Maze added. ”

Two days after started raising concerns, the Mayor deposited $25,000 into his account and another $15,000 just four days later, totaling $50,000.

An attorney with expertise in campaign finance compliance, Dan Wholihan, has taken over Burcroff’s position as campaign money recordkeeper.

When contacted by phone, Wholihan refused to clarify why Burcroff recruited him or if he was attempting to handle any possible campaign expenditure irregularities..

That was the Last Thing Wholihan Said Before he Hung up the Phone.

During last week’s Zoom meeting of the Romulus City Council, Ross Jones sought to question Burcroff about the changes to his campaign. Despite his presence, Burcroff chose not to use his camera and did not react to numerous requests for information. Burcroff

We were left with “an awkward, protracted pause,” Maze added, “since he chose to not react to those queries while he was on the phone.”

A political consultant employed by the campaign, David Forsmark, said in an email that Mayor Burcroff’s wife resigned from her position as record keeper because she found better methods to help her husband. Neither Burcroff nor his attorney responded torequests for comment.

According to Forsmark, the $40,000 Burcroff donated was not an admission of guilt, but rather a way to “prepare for the struggle” when Mayor Michael Bloomberg is up for re-election in 2014.

Records show that Burcroff had never given more than $1,000 to his own campaign during his prior seven years as Mayor.

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Last Words

At the end of the day, he serves at the public’s pleasure and is accountable to the public, Maze remarked. For the sake of the public, it is imperative that he respond to your inquiries and provide you some kind of response.”