Son Is Not Alone. Millions Young

He is confined to a cage for the duration of his trial. It was via the bars that he confided in me that he was going to die in jail.

Following years of confinement without charge in “pre-trial detention,” two Egyptians, journalist Mohamed Ibrahim and blogger Abdel Rahman Tarek, sought to commit suicide earlier this year. There are thousands more examples like these.

Son Is Not Alone. Millions Young

For the Past Two Years, Alaa has been Subjected to a Slow, Agonising Death.

For the majority of that time, he was held in pre-trial detention without charge. He was put on trial in October in a new case before a state security court because of worldwide pressure to stop using indefinite detentions.

Mohamed Oxygen, a human rights lawyer who represented Alaa in the arrest of Mohamed al-Baqer, is also charged with spreading fake news. Defense attorneys were denied access to the case file, preventing them from mounting a defence.

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Although Alaa is being kept in the same prison where a prisoner died after being tortured, we have learned that he is being held on trial for retweeting a message regarding the death of the prisoner. On Monday, Alaa and the other defendants will be sentenced. There is no way to appeal this sentence.

US and EU Pressure on Egypt’s Leadership

US and EU pressure on Egypt’s leadership to improve human rights law is merely aimed at appeasing some of its own constituency. As a result, the Egyptian government is taking appropriate action. What “clean up your human rights law” actually means is “please don’t humiliate us,” they realise.

An excellent national human rights policy, for example, was just released by Egypt. United States officials said they “welcomed the concept” and will “continue with the policy” after meeting with their Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry two months later. dialogue around human rights.”

Human Rights Advocates

True human rights advocates will not be deceived by written plans, but will instead look for concrete actions, such as liberating the generation that is being slowly but surely slaughtered in prison for having free thoughts and voicing their minds.

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Last Words

Those “northern allies who yelled, ‘Not on our behalf!’ as the bombs dropped on Baghdad,” Alaa writes in the essay I’ve mentioned above, are the target of his remarks. People residing in the United States, Great Britain, or other northern countries frequently ask me how they can help me.

I advise them to examine their governments’ foreign policies with the same rigour with which they examine their own internal policies. Once again the answer from Alaa is to fix your own democracy. Keep it safe from harm. The only other option to help is to volunteer.