Was Charming Saltbox Hamptons. Now Its

When whale oil was first discovered in the area, Sag Harbor was the place to be. Despite its demise more than a century ago, it remained well-known only to those who lived in the immediate area. Everyone knows that the village’s popularity is at an all-time high;

weekend sailors and luxury store owners alike flock to the village’s quaint intimacy and bustling town centre, which is the right mix between too small and suburban sprawl.

Was Charming Saltbox Hamptons. Now Its

Right Amount of Modernity

Cary and her Sotheby’s International Realty associate broker Rylan Jacka had hoped to raise their two young girls in a small town where they would be surrounded by people who cared about them and were willing to help them.

There was just the right amount of modernity without any of that urban angst at Sag Harbor, where the girls can walk to the supermarket and the library.

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Two High School Sweethearts

The two high school sweethearts had a few flings before parting ways after graduation. They rekindled their romance at a jazz festival in Manhattan years later.

The Hamptons had become a second home for Jacka, and as things heated up, Cary made the move to East Hampton to work at Guild Hall. Cary, who is now an interior decorator, has lived in the East End with his family for nearly 15 years.

Cary, whose parents were antiques merchants, exclaims, “but I needed an old house!” when recalling their first home, a 1980s McMansion in Bridgehampton.

Their appreciation for the rich patina that comes with age stems from their upbringing in older homes. “I was looking for a place with character, with creaky flooring. You feel more at home in an old house.”

They discovered that Sag Harbor was more to their taste. The pair fell in love with the town after seeing a house built in 1817 that Cary describes as a “jewel box,” which is a saltbox-style cottage like many others in the area.

Despite the fact that the house had been refurbished, it lacked some essential features for a growing family: a guest room, a home office, and a pool—though in a community with limited property, pools are rare.

Cary kept an eye on a nearby house that had room for a pool while they were living there for eight years. According to the woman, “I would periodically see her from my window.”

“A woman had lived there for a long time, and I would see her from my window,” she continues. It took Cary and Jacka more than a year and a half to get their hands on the house, but they leaped at the opportunity.

It wasn’t even close to being ready to move in. For some reason, the upper level was divided into tiny bedrooms, but the baths were still the same. But beneath the carpeting, there were four fireplaces and lovely hardwood floors. Cary recalls that “the house appeared to be in wonderful condition,” he says.

19th-Century Style

In keeping with the home’s 19th-century style, they installed arched entryways, opened up and remodelled the kitchen to incorporate a dining and sitting area, and created four generous bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The blue-gray paint that covers the exterior of the building is both regal and understated. As Cary puts it, “We didn’t want it to be simply another Sag Harbor foggy grey.”

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Cary claims that the living room, where the Jackas spend the majority of their time together, is at its most beautiful in the late afternoon light.

“There’s no television or technology, yet it’s so nice to be in the centre of the house. ” The house is significantly more opulent than one built randomly. “It truly has a ‘purposeful’ vibe to it.”