How Old Would Marilyn Monroe be Today

A heroin overdose shocked the world when it claimed Marilyn Monroe, one of the most famous people of the 1950s and 1960s.

We were never able to witness Monroe’s appearance as she aged, but a video posted to YouTube depicts how the actress might have changed over the years.

How Old Would Marilyn Monroe be Today

Reactions From Viewers To The Clip

A video uploaded by Photoshop Surgeon demonstrates the ageing of a Marilyn Monroe photo. In post-production, her blond hair is changed to grey and she develops wrinkles. Fans of Monroe were saddened by the prospect of seeing what she could have looked like in the future.

Someone commented, “So sad.” There was no way for her to mature gracefully. It would have been a privilege to see her in this condition now. I appreciate your helping me out with this. I need to go cry in a corner.

One other person put it this way: “In other words..she would have remained lovely her whole life.” Another user said, “Even aged, she’s still stunning.” There were many expressions of regret expressed in the press about Monroe’s untimely passing.

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Acting and Personal Life for Monroe

Monroe became a household name in the 1950s thanks to her performances in blockbuster films like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Seven Year Itch, and Some Like It Hot.

She also gained notoriety for her romantic exploits, most notably her marriages to baseball star Joe DiMaggio (1954) and author Arthur Miller (1956).

There are rumours that the actress also had an affair with President John F. Kennedy, however the details of when and how the romance began are sketchy at best.

She sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” at a charity gala in a sparkling, skin-toned gown, leading many to speculate that the suspected romance was in fact taking place.

Monroe remained a popular attraction for audiences in the early 1960s, but studios got frustrated with her habit of arriving late and inability to memorise her lines, which caused production delays and financial losses.

Without wanting to cope with the potential financial issues that she might have caused at the outset, she was replaced in Something’s Got to Give.

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Death Came too Soon for Her.

In Los Angeles, Monroe’s bedroom was the scene of her discovery on August 4, 1962. It is widely believed that she intentionally overdosed on barbiturates, which led to her death. For a long time prior, Monroe had battled mental illness, depression, and substance misuse. Age-wise, she was just 36.

The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of the actress are still talked about today. Monroe admirers were thrilled to get a glimpse of the actress as she may have aged.