5 Best VPN for Android for Online Privacy and Anonymity

Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become an integral part of safe internet browsing. VPN provides security to the user’s data by hiding their IP address. The VPN acts as a barrier to protecting the user’s data from websites. No technical knowledge is required to set up a VPN in your system. There are best VPN for Android available in the market, offering great compatibility.

Best VPN for Android

5 Best VPN for Android in 2020

The major feature to look for in a VPN is its privacy policy. It is always great to choose a VPN with no logging policy for extra security. The VPN should be easy to set up in Android devices and offer a great user interface. The other thing to look for is the number of servers and countries VPN is available.

A large number of servers will provide better connectivity and speed. The VPN should provide advanced customizable options and great customer support. The VPN should offer flexible and affordable subscription plans. You can try the below mentioned five best VPN for Android for better online privacy.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN has been in the market for quite a long time and has a large number of users. The VPN has a user-friendly Android app with a simple user interface. The VPN app offers excellent security measures and is easy to setup. NordVPN has a no-logging policy making it quite safe for users. The VPN also offers many advanced features like the kill switch for better security. NordVPN has servers in about 60 countries but does not offer the fastest speed.

It is possible to experience unexpected performance or speed issues with NordVPN. The customer service offered by the VPN is below average. However, you will not need customer support due to the easy setup process. NordVPN offers affordable subscription plans from $4 per month. The budget-friendly plans make it extremely popular with users.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a very popular and safe VPN service established since 2009. The VPN has a high level of security and user privacy. ExpressVPN does not save any logs offering added security. The VPN app has a great user interface with an easy setup process. But it does not offer various customization and advanced features.

ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers located across 90 countries around the globe. Users can expect high speed and stable network connection. The VPN allows you to access restricted content based on geographical location on streaming platforms. ExpressVPN is a very costly VPN service in the market. It’s the most popular subscription plan that costs about $6.67 per month when billed for a period of 15 months.

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a popular VPN based out of Switzerland. It offers a quick and easy setup with a great user interface. The VPN app offers impressive navigation and has great compatibility with Android devices. VyprVPN has a minimal log policy and it keeps a tab on the connection time. But it provides exceptional security with high encryption and proprietary chameleon systems.

VyprVPN has about 700 servers located across Europe, North America, and Asia. If you are not residing in these areas, then you can have a slight decrease in speed. VyprVPN has quite expensive subscription plans compared to other providers. If you opt for the Vypr Premium service, it costs about $6.66 per month when billed yearly. However, VyprVPN’s high performance and impressive interface compensate for the same.

4. Hideman

Hideman is a newer and smaller VPN service available in the market. The VPN is present as a monthly mobile-only subscription on iOS and Android devices. Hideman has a no-logging policy providing excellent privacy and encryption of data. The VPN app primarily targets Android users and is easy to setup. Users can experience a very clean and nice interface using the app. Hideman has a limited number of servers, with most of them located across Europe and North America.

This could lead to some performance and speed issues with the VPN app. One major disadvantage with Hideman is no live chat customer support is available. Hideman offers a free version keeping minimal logs and limited bandwidth. However, Hideman offers affordable mobile-only subscription plans from less than $3 per month. If you need to use the service simultaneously on many devices, you can buy a full version plan costing $9 per month.

5. TunnelBear

TunnelBear has great potential, although being a new VPN in the market. The VPN offers impressive feature features and data security. TunnelBear has excellent encryption and a no log policy for security. The VPN app is easy to set up with a straightforward user interface. The VPN also includes a built-in ad-blocker and is great for Android devices. TunnelBear has a small number of servers located in about 20 countries.

Most servers are present in Asia, North America, and Europe. Users can experience inconsistent speed and performance due to the low number of servers. Users can also choose the free version of TunnelBear with limited monthly bandwidth and speed. However, TunnelBear offers budget-friendly subscription plans starting from around $5 per month.


VPN has become an integral part of the internet browsing experience. They are essential to hide your IP address to provide safety and privacy in web browsing. The above-mentioned VPN is great to use on Android devices. They offer great features, along with excellent privacy and data security.