23 Best Sites Like CMovies to Watch Free Movies Online

CMovies is an online streaming app that allows users to stream and download movies in HD quality. The films are spread into several genres ranging from Horror, Supernatural, Fiction, Suspense, Autobiographies, Documentaries, Family, Drama, Comedy, Romance, and the list goes on and on.

The website is really user friendly and works smoothly. CMovies also offers a vast number of TV series which their users can enjoy streaming. CMovies, without any doubt, is one of the best online streaming devices to watch TV shows and movies.

Sites Like CMovies to Watch Free Movies Online

They also take requests from their users for uploading movies. If you find that the movie of your choice is not present in their mutual library, then you can put up the request at their site, and it is much probable that you will find the movie you were looking for within weeks.

But if you are not a fan of CMovies, you don’t have to break a sweat because we are here to present the exclusive list of more than 20 alternative sites for CMovies, which you can go check out and then choose your perfect fit.

23 Best Sites Like CMovies to Watch Free Movies Online

1. Watch 5S

The first one on the line of this list is Watch 5S. It is an online streaming device which allows their users to stream quality content online. Movies and TV shows can be availed here. Watch 5S is an extremely great device where you can find the experience really smooth and enriching.

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Without any interruptions, Watch 5S takes the top of the list. It is a simple interface and user friendly. A lot of genres are available here too – Horror, Supernatural, Fiction, Suspense, Autobiographies, Documentaries, Family, Drama, Comedy, Romance, and the list goes on and on.

2. GoMovies

GoMovies is the next up the pedestal because it has a unique feature that is not present in most of the online streaming devices. All the new and immediate movie releases can be availed from this online streaming device.

The interface is a simple one and user friendly. You can catch your favorite movies here, along with your family and friends. So rush to your kitchen and grab your bowl of popcorn and settle in for a hell of a ride.

3. MovieWatcher

The third in the queue is MovieWatcher2020. It is no different than the previous two and can serve as a very good alternative for CMovies. MovieWatcher2020 claims that they have the best content and the best films present in their virtual library.

If you movie buffs want an excellent range of options, you can check this site out, and then you can decide for yourself whether this site is cut out for you or not. Moreover, they do not charge any subscription fee for their movies, so you can stream unlimited movies for free.

4. Movie4u

Next comes up the Movie4u. It is a pretty simple online streaming device. They provide their users with a wide range of movies and shows which they can stream for free. In other words, you don’t have to lose up a single penny for binge-watching any TV series or having a movie marathon with your friends in a sleepover.

You can avail of their shows and movies directly from their website. The range varies from Comedy to Romances, Supernatural to Documentaries, Suspense to Thriller, and so on.

5. PandaMovie

The next one is PandaMovie. We would like to clarify this beforehand that this site also offers up some adult movies and some over 18+ shows, so we would like to get that out in the clear first.

Except for this feature, PandaMovie is very similar to all the other online streaming devices. You can easily watch the movies and TV shows uploaded in their virtual library free of charge.

6. FMovies

FMoviesFree is another one of the online streaming devices, which is very useful and effective. You can stream your favorite movies and TV shows uploaded in their virtual library free of charge.

You don’t even have to create any account or provide any credit or debit card details for viewing their content and movies. The number of genres present are varied and vast. You can check them out for yourself.

7. Putlocker

The next one to cut is Putlocker. This needs to be clarified that Putlocker9 is different than the original Putlocker. Instead, another website with another name is an online streaming device that the users can enjoy streaming.

Another essential feature of Putlocker is that they allow you to search your desired movies’ rating and then stream or download it. It also has original feature films you can check out. You don’t need any registration fee for availing movies on this site.

8. HDMoviesPoint

HDMoviesPoint is the next online streaming device. You need to create an account to download or stream movies on this website. The best thing about this online streaming app is that it allows its users to download movies in HD quality from different sources. All the films are free to watch and download.

9. HouseMovie

This online streaming device is an extremely good one. HouseMovie allows its users to surf through their vast virtual library and stream movies.

They contain an overwhelming number of more than 4000 options for films, and it also includes several other TV Series of several genres like Comedy, Family, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Suspense, etc.

You can easily download your desired movies easily in this device. Finding movies on the net to download used to be so difficult.

10. WolowTube

WolowTube is the next up in the queue for the best alternatives for CMovies. It is pretty much the same as the others. The user can stream or download movies directly from their website for free. The layout of this online streaming app is extremely good. WolowTube offers themselves to their users as a top-ranking film search engine via the internet.

11. Tinklepad

Tinklepad is a little different than the aforementioned online streaming devices because it is a Google Search Engine. The Tinklepad interface is extremely beneficial and easy to understand.

It is user friendly and convenient. You can find both classics and new releases on this online streaming site. They provide the best links found on the internet, and their video qualities are mostly in HD. This is one of the best sites you can check out.

12. Rainierland

Rainierland Film sounds like a magical land. It is indeed a magical land for movie buffs because guess what? You don’t have to deal with those pesky ads anymore and can have a smooth and soothing viewing experience.

Rainierland Film is a little different than other online streaming sites. It is dedicated to high-quality video content. The users can watch high-quality movies and TV Shows almost for free.

13. MoviesPlanet

MoviesPlanet is the rage in all the European countries, and they have made a name for themselves in The United States of America.

They offer free access to their virtual library, which contains a vast sea of movies and TV shows which the viewers can stream online or download to watch it later. If you are interested, then you can surely go check it out.

14. XMovies8

We know what you are thinking. But don’t let the name confuse you because the ‘X’ in the beginning does not stand for all the adult movie sites that you might have come across on the internet. XMovies8 is an online streaming site where users can avail movies and TV shows for free.

The content available here mostly is of high quality. For all the movie buffs, this is a pretty good app with a wide range of movies and TV shows genres that you may surf through. So what are you waiting for?

15. Vidics

Vidics is a pretty cool name for an online streaming site. They are dedicated to high-quality video content. Similar to all the other alternatives of CMovies, this one also has a vast collection of TV shows and movies in their virtual library, which they offer to their users for free.

Along with watching different movies and TV shows, you can also search for information about your desired films and TV shows.

Therefore it can be said that Vidics operates as a search engine too. For all the info nerds out there, this online streaming site is up to your alley, so don’t dally and go check it out as soon as possible.

16. Niter

Niter is the next online streaming device on this list. It is a perfect CMovies alternative. They provide a website through the internet to browse through different movies and TV shows and stream them at your will.

All you need to do is press the ‘Watch Now’ button after finding the movie you would like to watch. One drawback of Niter is that it does not include as many movies and TV shows as all the other apps. Thus, the options are limited. But in the end, something is better than nothing.

17. YesMovies

The next up the line is YesMovies. If you are a bigger, then we suggest that you give YesMovies a chance. They have exclusive access to hundreds and thousands of TV shows and movies in their virtual library.

Horror, Supernatural, Fiction, Suspense, Autobiographies, Documentaries, Family, Drama, Comedy, Romance, and the list goes on and on. The list seems to go on and on. So grab your snacks and drinks and get comfortable because its time to binge-watch!

18. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is one of the best unpaid sites. It offers quality video content for all its users. They do not store video movies on their server; instead, they provide direct spills or links to movies that you can stream online or download according to your desire.

The interface of this online streaming site is extremely convenient and reliable. It is even user friendly and not to complicated for most of the users to understand. This site is pretty straight forward. We suggest you give it a try.

19. 123Movies

123Movies comes up in the spotlight next. It is an exclusively HD online streaming site. For all those of you who are a fan of HD video quality, this is your destination. All the movies and TV shows present on 123Movies are high definition.

(Let’s be honest, we all prefer HD video quality.) So this seems to be the perfect site for quality lovers. It is available worldwide and can be availed by anyone for free.

20. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is known for its accumulation of full-length videos on the internet. It is generally a video film archive and TV program. You can either stream the shows and movies online, or you can download them and watch it later according to your preference.

It uses a straightforward interface that is easy to use and can be understood by everyone without complications.

21. LosMovies

LosMovies is for those who want full time online entertainment. The best thing you can check out in this site is that you don’t get redirected to another host site. All video films will play on this site in high video quality. The different genres like Horror, Supernatural, Fiction, Suspense, Autobiographies, Documentaries, Family, Drama, Comedy, Romance are present here.

22. Watch TV Series

The next one on the list is Watch TV Series. Its an online streaming site for those of you out there who are suckers for new releases for those who want to watch and enjoy the latest and the hottest TV shows as soon as they air.

This one is for you guys. In this web-based application, you can watch full episodes of various TV series which update recently. But you can also catch up on the previous episodes if you have missed it.

23. PrimeWire

Last but not least, in this list is PrimeWire is another online streaming site. It is a free online streaming device that you can stream at any time. Search for archives or browse through the number of movies and TV shows.

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So we hope you have found your best PrimeWire alternative among the aforementioned sites.