One For Each of You Medal

The “Destiny 2: One for All” Medal. You’ll need some talent to earn the One For Each of You Medal in Destiny 2.

One For Each of You Medal

Playing Crucible in Destiny 2 is a great way to level up and acquire new equipment. Medals can be earned by skilled players for achieving specified goals or making effective use of specific weapons. Learn the steps to getting the “One for Each of You” Medal in Destiny 2 with this helpful guide.

One For Each of You Medal

The “One for All” Medal

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost content update introduces a new seal for players to seek after. Deadeye is the name of the seal I’m working so hard to obtain. In order to earn the Deadeye seal, players must utilise specific weapons and kill specific adversaries with pinpoint accuracy.

In the Iron Banner, you will not be able to obtain the One for Each of You medal. You can only get this medal by playing regular Crucible, such the Control playlist.

Sidearm Mastery is a requirement for the final Triumph. In order to get the One for Each of You Medal, players must rack up 100 Sidearm kills in the Crucible. Obtaining 100 kills will take time, but the actual difficulty will be in achieving the medal. The steps to earning the award are detailed below.

One kill with any weapon type, followed by another with a sidearm kill within 5 seconds.

Kill one enemy with one weapon, then kill another with the second weapon (a sidearm) within five seconds. You’ll need both talent and luck to get the medal. Players will need to properly time their kills, or have a teammate wound an opponent so they can finish them off with a sidearm.

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As someone who isn’t very skilled with sidearms, I anticipate that this section will take me some time to master. Getting to 100 kills won’t be too difficult, but doing it while swiftly swapping from my main weapon to my sidearm after each kill will take practise. To clarify for the editors, he didn’t try this until roughly five minutes into his first game.