Why Was Daybreak Season 2 Cancelled

After the cancellation of the streaming series Daybreak on January 22, this post was written. Read on for the completely revised and up-to-date original article covering all the latest findings in this area.

Netflix scored a major hit with their 2019 Halloween offering, Daybreak. The show was a high school drama set in a post-apocalyptic world, reminiscent to both The Breakfast Club and Mad Max. It was immediately praised by critics, and many were eager for information about a second season.

The unfortunate reality is that we never received that fantastic piece of information. These are the facts we know about the show’s cancellation. Fantastic Netflix series Daybreak has been asked to return for a second season. Many viewers were looking forward to season two of this show.

Why Was Daybreak Season 2 Cancelled

The formal announcement that season 2 of Daybreak will not be airing on Netflix was not very exciting, though.

Has Netflix Renewed the Daybreak Series?

The dismal truth is “no.” Several months after Season 1 concluded in April 2019, Netflix announced that Daybreak would not be returning for a second season. One of the show’s creators, Aron Coleite, tweeted the announcement.

A second season of Daybreak will not be happening, he wrote. We regret the delay, but are glad to have spent time with everyone in these final live-tweet sessions. You guys are awesome for taking our show and our experience making it and running with it in your own fantastic, weird, monster ways.

No one, he said, was more saddened than they were by the fact that they couldn’t tell you about the rest of their adventure. But we’re thankful just to be here at this point.

What Might have Happened in Daybreak Season 2?

The second season would have explored the societal changes brought forth by Sam’s rule. Her final-episode rise had an ominous undertone, and it’s safe to assume that her rule wouldn’t have been particularly fair and just.

For Josh to grow as a character, the season would have needed to centre on him realising that his views on Sam are sexist and out of date; he never regarded her as anything but a “damsel in distress,” in her words. If the end of the world comes, Josh will need to learn as quickly and effectively as possible.

Is there Going to be a Season 2 of Daybreak?

Netflix has decided not to renew Daybreak. This is the last season ever made.

Daybreak Season 2 Impression:

So yet, there has been only one season. Thirteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine viewers have given the series a rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb.

The Show has been Cancelled by Netflix.

Netflix announced the cancellation of Daybreak in December 2019, despite the show having only premiered in October and having ended on a massive cliffhanger.

There was no official explanation for the cancellation, but low viewership is usually the reason Netflix cancels a show.


In Daybreak, we follow the story of Josh Wheeler, a Canadian high school misfit of 17 years old, as he travels to a post-apocalyptic Glendale, California, in search of his missing British girlfriend, Sam Dean.

All sorts of crazy people are hanging around with him. Notable examples are Angelica, a 10-year-old pyromaniac, and Wesley, Josh’s former high school bully turned pacifist want tobe samurai.

Josh fights to stay alive in a world ruled by gangs reminiscent of Mad Max, adults who have turned into zombie-like creatures called Ghoulies, and the mysterious Baron Triumph. There is far too much danger.