5 Best Home Design Software Of 2022

Technology has today made it possible for architectures to produce a 3D model of houses and buildings. Gone are the days of architecture and sketch artists making schematic map plan of the houses. Now you can actually produce a 3D structure of the house you want or want to create.

There are many software available online that brings out the best models through their skills and features. The aim of this software is to ease the workload of architectures and engineers. With preloaded objects and tools available, such software will never disappoint you.

5 Best Home Design Software

Home Design software not only takes the input provided by you but also provides necessary recommendations for your dream house. Some of the popular software in use are listed below,

1. Sweet Home 3D

This software is predominantly used for producing 3D models of mansions with exhaustion grounds. Sweet Home, as the name implies, does not put on airs or claim to produce professional-quality work. It aims at building small 3D and 2D permits and fits into the grid. It is highly efficient for producing interior designs of houses and mansions.

It also produces exterior works and designs if the houses but is not efficient enough. The software is mostly used for producing tiny houses or homes at the small-scale levels and also for room interior design. It is helpful for producing models if the space you have is less, but you want to add more objects into it. Overall, it’s great software with all the features available free of cost.

2. DreamPlan Home Design Software

DreamPlan is a great software that produces elegant designs for your homes both interior as well as exterior. The objects and features available are quite basic and easy to use. You’ll find most of the tools and resources available are easy simple yet elegant. Features are quite less on this software compared to other alternatives.

But it works on the same theory as brands like in and out burger chain work or you’re looking for software that produces simple yet elegant designs of your home, you should go for this software.

3. Google SketchUp

Google Sketchup is very similar to the digital lego set. The software doesn’t cost much yet provides the best service possible. Apart from designing your home, you can also learn how to design them by taking up their tutorials. These are quite fast and you can render and model the design with perfection. There may be a possibility that the software runs out of.

Hence, in that case, you may try their 2D model. They came out to be highly beneficial for those who carry first draft or napkin sketches. The database of the objects is very vast and are easily accessible. Overall it’s an ideal tool right now and is widely in use.

4. Total 3D Landscape and Deck Premium

This is highly advanced software that is used by designers while creating an image of their homes. It has a high variety of features and specifications available for users to browse. You can create simple as well as advanced designs for your homes, mansion, apartments, etc. With so many options available, you can learn as well as produce these designs with the best tools possible.

Although it’s a one-stop destination for designers, yet it sometimes lags and the interface and navigation may stop working. This may happen due to excessive use. Overall it’s a great software that is available at a price range of $30.

5. Home Designer Suite

This is yet another great software that comes with the most efficient tools and features for your home designs. Apart from navigation and creating interior design, the software also works incredibly for placing and producing objects for the rooms.

This software also works for a variety of reasons for producing house designs for the landscape. The price of this software range from $80 and above. Overall it’s great software available.


So these were some of the most used and suggested software by designers for producing a 3D model of the house you dream of. With a variety of features and tools available, the software lets people create the best virtual designs. Not only for design purposes, these are also a great help for the designer students and architectures and engineers.