9 Best Free Proxy Servers for Safe and Fast Browsing in 2020

The Internet can be a very unsafe place for users. Various hackers, advertisers, and government agencies have the ability to track your browsing data. This can lead to the blocking of web content for users as well as show specific targeted advertisements. Web Proxies are the solution for all your privacy issues. Web proxies protect the user’s identity and provide a safe browsing experience.

10 Best Free Proxy Servers in 2020

Web proxies are the best solution to have a safe browsing experience these days. The proxy server hides the user’s IP address and does not allow the website to access it. The proxy server acts as a barrier between the user and the website. Its job is to process the request and show the desired information. But the free proxy servers only provide protection at the most basic level. Free web proxy servers are great for people wanting limited access to blocked content or short span anonymity.

Best Free Proxy Server

There are many free proxy servers available for use. you should always choose a proxy server with good control of the market. The proxy server should provide a strong connection and have a vast variety of servers. The server should offer good internet connection speed and customization options. Also, you can try features such as encrypting URL and disabling cookies. You can try the below listed free proxy servers to suit your needs.

1. KProxy

KProxy is one of the most popular free proxy servers. The server is used by a large number of users and has a good reputation. It has received a great satisfactory rating from the users. You get the option to choose from a list of ten servers. It also provides the option to select and switch between different servers anytime. The proxy server is not easily detectable by ISP and websites. KProxy also does not have a restriction on speed limits.

2. ProxySite

ProxySite is a widely used free proxy server. It gives you the option to choose from a list of about twenty servers. This is double what KProxy offers. Users get the ability to pick and change servers anytime. You can also set the proxy server to choose the best servers on its own.

It offers the flexibility in use with buttons of popular sites on its home page. The sites include Twitter, Reddit and have passed tests for YouTube compatibility. You can use ProxySite to hide your everyday browsing activities.

3. Hide.me

Hide.me has always been ranked highly in the list of free proxy servers. It has limited functionality and only offers three servers to choose from. You cannot use the proxy server with Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. But it offers features such as to disable scripts, objects, and cookies on websites.

You also get URL encryption which provides added security. Another great feature is that the proxy server does not store IP addresses. You can also opt for a full VPN server for added protection.

4. HMA

HMA does not have a number of servers like KProxy or ProxySite. It allows you to choose from a list of six servers. You can also opt for the connection to be with a random server. The proxy server has great geographic coverage with four servers in European countries and two on the opposite sides of the United States. Other features that the proxy server offer is the option to remove scripts, encrypt URL, and disable cookies. HMA also offers the option to upgrade to HMA VPN.

5. Megaproxy

Megaproxy is one of the most secure proxy servers to use. The server is very difficult to detect by the websites. Megaproxy is available as a toolbar. Once you install it, you need to enter the website address in the toolbar. This will make the website open via a proxy server.

You also get the flexibility to navigate between protected and regular web browsing. If you are using the free version, you can access only sixty websites in a span of five hours. You also only get twenty cookies encryption at a time.

6. NewIPNow

NewIPNow is also being used by a vast number of users. But it clearly states that the proxy server is compatible with certain specific websites. You can also see this as a truthful advertisement for gaining trust. You get the ability to connect to about twelve servers basically located in the US.

You also get to know the estimated speed of each of the servers. It also assigns a new IP address for each new browsing session. You also get the option to choose from the paid versions. NewIPNow is available to use via a browser extension in Firefox or on-site.

7. 4EverProxy

4everproxy provides great protection with great features. It allows you to choose an IP location as well as a server before connection. You get the option to choose from a list of ten servers. The choices for IP location are far more than available for servers.

You get the opportunity to try different combinations for better speed and security. You can also choose for an optional “SSL encryption” feature. the other optional features offered by the server are blocking of scripts and cookies. 4everproxy claims to offer a speed of 1GB/s connection.

8. ProxFree

ProxFree offers great security and an impressive geographic coverage area. It allows you to choose from four servers in Europe and seven servers located in North America. The first thing is to select a server that will take you to the fastest IP location. You can customize the proxy server according to your needs.

You can manually change the server and turn off the SSL encryption. You can also specify your preference to remove objects, scripts, page titles as well as cookies. ProxFree allows the user to disable headers for user agent and referer. This will hide the method you use to reach the particular website. You can also use the dedicated pages provided by ProxFree for opening YouTube and Facebook.

10. Hidester

Hidester is one of the new proxy servers but has earned a great reputation in a short time. The user reviews suggest that the proxy server has great reliability. The servers are present across Europe and the US.

Hidester offers 128-bit encryption providing secure access to the servers. You can also try the other free tools offered by Hidester. The free tools available for use are “DNS leak test” and “secure password generator”. But if you pay for Hidester service you can get access to hundreds of additional proxy servers.


Using a free proxy server is simple and convenient. You can use them for basic protection while browsing the internet. The free proxy server hides your identity and provides you one-time access to blocked content. It is great for temporary use but cannot replace a trusted VPN. If you have concerns about security and privacy, it is always better to use a trusted VPN.