After Tragic Beginning Happily

A few months ago, at the age of 39, my brother passed away abruptly. He was in the middle of a normal workday at the time. A half-hour later, he had vanished without a trace. He was buried twenty-four hours after his death.

Paralysis and strong waves of agony, wrath, guilt, grief and devastation alternatingly swept over me in the midst of so much turmoil. I’m going to assume that this is how we all felt. However, it didn’t appear that way.


My brother’s children were playing and enjoying an ice cream as if nothing had occurred, in between the waves of sadness and the quiet.

Three Reasons to Restore Joy in Your Life

1. Foremost, Because it is in your Nature to be Joyful.

The source of joy is the same as the source of love and peace: your heart.

Would you want to withhold your love and peace from those you care about? No, there isn’t. Do not then deprive yourself of your happiness.

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2. Joy is a Source of Brightness.

The light that shines from within comes from a place of joy.

Would you want to snuff out that light for the people you care about? No, there isn’t. Then, by all means, accept it for yourself. When the sun shines, even a single step ahead can be seen clearly.

3. The Third Reason is that your Power Lies in Your Joy.

The healing power of your inner joy cannot be overstated. Inner paralysis can be melted away by its warmth. It has the ability to energise your pursuit of a life that is in harmony with your deepest aspirations.

A List of 10 Ways to Boost Your Mood

  1. Spending time with youngsters is the first step (there are children everywhere).
  2. Find a novel experience (or surprising).
  3. Pay attention to how you feel in your body (you are a miracle of life).
  4. Take time to read a book (fiction, stories, not the usual self-improvement stuff).
  5. Experiencing new things while on the road (any distance).
  6. Pay attention to the expressions on people’s faces (on the street and on TV).
  7. Thank those who have helped you (to yourself too).
  8. Create a daily routine and stick to it (simple things will do).
  9. Workout (in a way that makes you smile).
  10. Help a stranger out if you can (with something you enjoy doing).

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Most of these ideas are self-explanatory, I suppose. If you’re unsure, post a remark and we’ll clear things up.