How To Watch Hajime No Ippo in Order

One excellent example of a Shonen anime is Hajime no Ippo. As a whole, it doesn’t flaunt any special skills but rather shows real human strength portrayed with just the right amount of drama. The anime follows a boxing storyline that is compelling enough to draw in viewers who have no interest in the sport.

Each of the characters has been given plenty of time and attention. They are endearing, believable, and inspiring. Amazingly realistic, physically accurate, and meticulously planned boxing contests highlight these qualities in this video.

The action, comedy, and drama in Hajime no Ippo are all expertly balanced, making for a truly remarkable work. Everyone who enjoys Shonen manga and anime will love this show! The Japanese boxing anime Hajime no Ippo features 126 episodes across three seasons.

How To Watch Hajime No Ippo in Order

Each episode features an exciting buildup that culminates in a thrilling conflict. Even though there are over a hundred episodes, the tale is so well-paced that watching them doesn’t grow boring.

Releasing the Pressure

I. TV series

  • Season 1 of Ippo (2000-2002)
  • Season 2 – New Challenger (2010)
  • Season 3: Rising (2013-2014)

II. Specials

  • ストーム イングランド-2001 -> Strom England-2001
  • Ippo-The Story of His Adolescence (2002)


  • The second batch of tapes comes in October 2016.

Timeline Structure

  • Ippo’s Beginning Season 1- Hajime no Ippo
  • Hajime no Ippo Special Edition – The Story of a Prodigy Hero- Hajime no Ippo Boxer’s Glory
  • Champion Road is a special version of Hajime no Ippo, which was created as an homage to the popular boxing anime.
  • – Italia – Diversi lidi, moltissimi personaggi e di gran lunga il meglio dell’episodio 3. “No to the war!” scandiva Tatekawa, l’ombra del falso incidente che avrebbe dovuto svelare la verit
  • Season 2 of Hajime no Ippo – New Challenger
  • Season 3- Ippo Hajime- Rising

The Story of Hajime and Ippo

The other kids at school have teased and bullied Ippo ever since he was a little kid because he is physically weak. When Ippo first steps into the boxing ring after being inspired to become a fighter, he is the subject of mockery and abuse.

Then one day his inept trainer challenges him with an offer, and he changes his mind and decides he wants to get back in the ring. The bullies are wasting Ippo’s potential strength. He gives up to his bullies and loses confidence as a result.

At one of the events, he meets Takamura, a professional boxer who takes him to the gym so that he may rest and get back on his feet. Ippo abandons sumo wrestling for boxing, which he uses as a means of making money and improving his strength.

The theme of the anime is tenacity, which it portrays not only in sports but also in other aspects of life.

While the popular Bigger Brothers anthology largely revolves around Ippo and his experiences, Golden Darkness places greater emphasis on the complexity and agency of its characters, including those who oppose them. That’s why it doesn’t solely follow Ippo’s perspective. It’s true that as well.

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Hajime no Ippo should be read in chronological order. The anime is almost entirely devoid of filler, making every episode, including the Specials and OVA, essential viewing. Do not miss a thing if you want to get the most out of your visit. Thanks For Read Our Article How To Watch Hajime No Ippo in Order.