10 Best AnimeTosho Alternatives In 2021

There has been an alert all around the world due to the ongoing pandemic that has put a halt to the normal lifestyle. Due to this people are craving entertainment and there has been a huge growth in anime lovers or watchers.

As the article does not promote piracy but there are only these sites that help watching anime for free. Anime fans are scattered all around the world and have an interest in animation and art.

As time has progressed finding anime sites is very easy and convenient. The is due to the hugely popular fan base of animes. People search for anime all over the world. This has made a countless number of anime sites and torrents making anime very easily available on the web.

10 Best AnimeTosho Alternatives In 2021

This article will find you the best alternative to Anime Tosho and will provide all popular animes and content that all anime lovers search for evidently. Anime is considered one of the best depictions of animation in the form of movies and episodes. These animes can be life-altering and close to real-life incidents.

1. Nyaa

This site for streaming or watching anime is hugely popular and has made a mark on anime lovers. The features on the site are very unique and have garnered huge traffic over the years.

The content on the website is very well sorted and arranged neatly. If a user wants to find a particular anime he/she can browse it effortlessly on the site. There is a grouping of animes and cartoons according to the release date, ratings, size, and origin country.

There is also the availability of summary and description which gives an insight about the episode or a series or movie. It’s one of the better alternatives that is featured on the list.

2. HorribleSubs

This site is very well versed and known for the content it posses. The content on the site is free of cost. The site also features a download or watch later feature incorporated in the site. The content is so diversified that almost every cartoon or anime is available on site.

There is a forum available which helps in connecting top other anime lovers and a person can express their comments and opinions on the forum.The content is available in various options and users are given a choice according to their preference. The user can watch content in high definition to normal quality.

3. Anime Ultime

This site is the ultimate hub for anime lovers as the content is just diverse and good. There is the availability of all kinds of anime and cartoons and in movies and shows too. The best part of the website is its updating regularly and the community that provides news and the latest updates about upcoming animes.

4. AniDex

This site is one of the most trusted and one o the oldest site to feature on the list. There is a huge amount of anime collection at its disposal and the best part of the site is its user interface. The clean and sorted site makes the interface very user-friendly.

There is a diverse variety to choose from like films, cartoons, anime, and many more. There is an available summary and description about the particular content the user wants to stream giving the streamer an insight into the series or movie.

5. BakaBT

The site is very different from all the other sites available on the list. The site has a selection procedure. It has a tracker and the content can only be accessed once the channel interview is passed and the invitation is sent to the user.

The site may require extra efforts to get accessibility and download torrent may be a hectic task but once the person gets in there is a huge collection of anime to download. The content is verified and safe to download making it a viable and safe option than many other on the list.

6. Shana Project

This site is a torrent index and has very good and selected content available at its disposal. There are no restrictions and downloading can be done very easily. Once logged in movies are abundant and anime shows are available to browse.

This will in turn make the user a follower of anime. There is a special feature on the site which allows the visitor or user to automate the download. The site has garnered attention due to the availability of good content and its overall features.

7. AniRena

AniRena is one of the platforms that is huge in the anime world and has been in existence since the year 2003. The site was closed for some time due to some issues but it returned in 2012 and is currently in the developing phase. There is a presence of hiding on the site that is efficient in choosing the favorable content. The comments are disabled on the site but it is assured that they will be reactivated soon.

8. Anime Layer

The site is considered one of the best anime streaming sites. The UI and the layout are very neat and well sorted. The site shows the date, type, genre, country origin, size, and all the details regarding the content that the user wants.

There is also the availability of a forum that is very well maintained and is quite active. It is a perfect way to interact with fellow anime fans. The interface is very beautiful and content is stacked neatly and is neither too complex and neither simple.

The site is Russian in origin and has a beautiful interface making it one of the top prospects. The torrent has details and screenshots to give the user insight. The website also provides detailed descriptions of the show or movie that the user wants to stream or download.

The description and other features make it easy to choose the torrent and content. Creation of an account is needed and the site is in Russian so an interpreter or translation service is needed to browse.

9. LimeTorrents

This site is very general and has an index for downloads and provides torrents to games, movies, shows, anime, etc. The site is operable for a long time so the forum is very well versed. The site is very good for searching torrents with efficiency. The download is free and the user will get a great quality making experience of viewing very good.  LimeTorrents has a decent interface and is worth viewing.

10. 1337x

1337x has a very popular fan base and comprises various things like music, apps, games, and much. All the content can be downloaded and the site has one of the best torrent trackers available. The site has garnered an audience of millions.

The anime it features has several parts available. The site has a search bar for advanced search and finding content or anime very efficiently. The site is considered complete and is filled with content that is quite good.


These are the best alternatives available currently. Each of the above sites has their features and have similar or better features than AnimeTosho. Anime lovers can pick any site from above depending on the requirement of perks. Although maximum sites have copyrighted content it is still a viable way to stream anime.