Minecraft Exit Code 1

Nothing can compare to the crushing disappointment of trying to load Minecraft only to be met with an error message. Given its prevalence, let’s take a look at the causes and solutions for mistake 1 in Minecraft.

Why Does It Say “Minecraft Exit Code 1?”

Exit code 1, often known as Minecraft problem 1, indicates that the game did not successfully launch. While this is really broad, it usually has to do with one of three things: your Minecraft settings, Java, or your computer.

Minecraft Exit Code 1

The Minecraft Exit Code 1 and How to Fix It

If you’re experiencing an issue in Minecraft, take these steps.

  1. The Minecraft Launcher must be restarted.
  2. Turn your computer back on.

If you’ve already tried these and are still getting Minecraft error 1, you’ll need to move on to more complex troubleshooting methods. Fortunately, we have reduced the number of options to just four.

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Method 1: Remove Minecraft Mods

As a first step, you should see if a certain Minecraft mod is interfering with its functionality. After an upgrade, this is a common problem because some add-ons won’t work properly with the latest build.

You need to check the logs to see which add-on is causing the trouble.

  1. In the Run window that appears after pressing Windows+R, enter “%AppData%” and hit Enter.
  2. The “.minecraft” folder can be accessed by clicking here.
  3. For the most recent entry, select logs > latest.log (or latest.txt)

Method 2: It is time to upgrade your video card’s drivers.

You’ll need to upgrade your graphics card drivers first, same like with error 502. It is possible to get the necessary drivers for your video card if you do not currently have the manufacturer’s software installed on your computer.

Method 3: Modify the Java Runtime Environment Path

Minecraft error 1 could be a Java-related issue if you haven’t fixed it yet. A common cause of exit code 1 is running “javaw.exe” instead of “java.exe” in the Minecraft Launcher.

In order to modify the location of the Java executable, you must:

  • To access “Installations,” start the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Select “Edit” from the menu that appears when you hover over the three dots next to the version you’re using.
  • Choose “More Options” down at the page’s footer.
  • In the Java Executable section, select “Browse.”
  • Navigate to Minecraft Launcherruntimejava-runtime-gammawindows-x64java-runtime-gammabin and double-click “java.exe.”

Method 4: Simply reinstall Java.

If it doesn’t work, reinstalling Java might be the next best option. Java’s own uninstall programme is available for download, or you can use the Control Panel as seen above.

If your Windows user name contains a special character, you may see Error 1. To get around this problem, you can take a “alternative route” to the Minecraft folder:

Method 5: To Launch Minecraft, Save its Executable File as a Shortcut.

Simply right-click the short cut and select “Properties” to access its settings.
Seek out the “Target” line by clicking the “Shortcut” button.

  • Please add the following at the end of the line,
  • Then press the OK button:
  • WorkDir%ProgramData%.minecraft
  • Just re-download Minecraft

Method 6: Reinstalling Minecraft is Your Final Option if the Problem Persists.

To accomplish this, head to the System Preferences pane in the Control Panel and remove the launcher from there. Then, get the Minecraft release you want and download it.

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Fixing Minecraft Exit Code 1 with these methods should get you back into the game. If you’re having problems like these or need more assistance, the Minecraft Forum is a great resource.