How To Copy and Paste Text From A Photo in iPhone

The new operating system of Apple had a lot of new features and upgrades that can be said to be quite interesting and good. Given that they are small and trivial in a sense but they are still pretty unique in the sense of the term and more people are actually interested in testing them out. We are going to talk about one particular feature that is going to be a big deal among the users.

The new Apple operating system uses artificial intelligence in order to recognize text from pictures and photos that you have taken. Object identification has been a part of Apple for a long time, but this is not the same.

How To Copy and Paste Text From A Photo in iPhone

It is quite different, as the spokesperson of Apple had said. It is very different indeed. The device used is built into the operating system. It is not a cloud-based system like it previously was. This is a feature for your phone and in your phone once you update your operating system and if you are buying a new one then it will come pre updated.

One very useful feature of this is that it can copy and paste text from a photo. It is very practical, and it can be beneficial in our daily life. Maybe you have taken a picture of a book’s page or of any document, then you can copy the text and paste it to form a pdf or document or anything as you so want. Now, this is really something that is handy, and it can come into use for a lot of people.

Now it works with handwritten text as well because not necessarily all the documents will be typed. So anything works, really. Apple did think a lot and put a lot of thought into this new feature. We are really impressed by it because it apparently works well too.

It is not just for show or for the sake of just being there. This is all that we have for now. We will come back with more tidbits about Apple and its new features soon. So make sure that you keep an eye out.