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Play station 4, commonly known as PS4 is a gaming device widely used and loved by people. You can play a lot of  games on PS4 but sometimes you come across some technical issues. One of them is that PS4 won’t turn on. In this article, I will be telling you how to deal with this issue and what are the causes for it.

Sometimes, when you press the power button to switch on playstation4, it will just not simply turn on. You will encounter some beeps of light or just the whole black screen will appear. When this happens, you cannot play games and enjoy. But worry not, no more interruptions!

By the end of this article, you will get to know all the different methods you can try to resolve this technical issue and after that you can definitely continue playing games on PS4.

How To Fix PS4 Won’t Turn On? 

I will write down all the true and tried methods to turn on the Play station. Some may sound like a joke to you but in reality, they aren’t. These are tried by PS4 users and are hence proved. You don’t need to try all of them, just try one by one until you get the one that make your PS4 turn on

Solution 1: Reconnect The Power Cable

The first and foremost thing you should try is to Reconnect the power cable connected to PS4. This will power reset the device and all the errors will be resolved. This is the most easy method and at the same time effective too.

Step 1: Remove the power cable from the playstation4 device.

Step 2: Wait for a few seconds.

Step 3: Connect the power cable back to PS4.

Press the power button and check if the glitch is still there.

Solution 2: Clear The Dust In Your PS4

Dust issues are most prominent in such devices. These small particles of dust can create a hindrance in proper working of PS4.  The dust can be in disc drive or inside the plate and even in vents. Removing the dust can prove to be very effective.

You can try doing heavy blowing into the vents of the console, this will make dust particles fly outside and will clean the vents. You can do same in disk drive also. Open the plate which is at top of PS4 and clean it carefully. Once done close the plate back and try to switch on PS4now.

Solution 3: Hit Your PS4

Hitting the PS4 is not a normal heavy hit we do normally. This has to be done very carefully. These technical devices sometimes need a hit as soft as pat to work properly.

Step 1: First, remove the power cable from  the play station 4.

Step 2: Once removed, hit the PS4 lightly. Please be careful and dont hit it hard that it breaks. We just need to hit it to give it a shock.

Step 3: Attach the power cable back into the device.

Finally, start the PS4 and check whether this solution helped. If not, lets move towards next solution.

Solution 4: Insert a Disk Into Your PS4

Inserting a  disk can awaken the PS4.When you will insert a disk,PS4 will detect something coming in and it may start. To do it,

Step 1: Make sure power cable is plugged in the PS4.

Step 2: Next, get a disk and try to push it slowly in the device. You don’t need to hurry because putting it all at once will be not fruitful. Push it slowly and wait until it gets started automatically.

Step 3: Afterwards, pull back disk out.

If play station was started then you can continue playing games and if not, there are other solutions for you too.

Solution 5: Rebuild Your PS4 Database

PS4 have a feature inbuilt into the device which allows you to rebuilt the device’s  database. Unnecessary data can cause a junk into PS4 and may be an obstacle into the smooth working. You can utilise this feature of PS4 by rebuilding database and get that smooth functioning back! This solution will also help you to sort out the things on the hard drive. To do this:

Step 1: You must have a PS4 controller. Connect it to the play station with the help of  USB cable.

Step 2: Even if you cant play games on PS4,there is till a safe mode available which will help us to rebuild a database. First, hold the power button and wait until you feel the second beep. After that, release the button and a screen will appear on PS4.

Step 3: There will be some options available under the headline ‘Safe mode’. Click on the 5 th one -Rebuild database. You can select it with the help of controller connected.

Step 4: The process will take few minutes to complete. Wait till it is done and then check if you are now able to switch on the screen and play games.

Solution 6: Get Your PS4 Serviced

This is the last solution and reliable also. If the above mentioned methods were not helpful then it is possible that the problem is with the components inside the play station4 device. This problem cannot be fixed by yourself and you need an assistance from a specialist of these devices.

If the warranty period is still not over of PS4, you can take it to the seller and they will help you in every possible way. Another thing you can try is to get in touch with sony support. They will get your device repaired and if not, you will get it replaced.

If the warranty period is over or you are not able to contact these services, you can get your work done by any other specialist by paying them. Just be careful about these persons and assure that they are well equipped with the knowledge to fix such technical issues.

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So, these were some very effective, easy and reliable methods which will surely help you to turn on the PS4 back. And if not, the seventh solution is always at your rescue. This issue is very normal and can occur in any PS4 device. You dont need to panic and worry at such situations. All you need is to hold on, read this article and get your problem solved.