10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives 2024

Torrent is a site from where you can download movies, web series anything. Nowadays, torrent site doesn’t work. But the mirror sites are available on different sites. Here some alternatives are present. It will suggest you from where you should get your entertainment and what are the process to download or access.

10 Best Extra Torrent Alternatives 2024

Take a look.

1. The Pirate Bay

Everyone loves to watch movies, web series but for free. Here, the pirate bay site from where you can download all of your entertainment. This site is very old, that’s why the number of user is massive. Here, all types genres are available like romantic, action, comedy, fantasy and many others.


The possibility of different languages is total 35. The pirate bay is very popular. Hollywood wants to close their shutter for lifetime. But for users, it is like a life saver. Because it is legal and free. The real pirate bay is banned in UK, US, India, Portugal and many other places for some legal issues.

But it has a mirror version name as pirate bay proxy. The user uses that site. This site is for enjoyment so here is  the reachable site is https://www.theunfolder.com/pirate-bay-proxy-list/.

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2. Lime Torrents

Lime torrents is the fourth largest torrent site. It works as a multi- purpose site. This site’s attractive feature is that it is very simple to use. It offers movies, web series, games, music, anime and some other features.

The search option helps you to all your favorite entertainments, and this option quickly finds your interests. The possibilities of carrying active torrent is 10 million. A lot of people are already using it they are very satisfied with this app. The steps of downloading on lime torrents are:

Step 1: first install BitTorrent desktop software in your pc.

Step 2: go to lime torrents website and search for want you want to see (search option is in homepage).

Step 3: select and copy the torrent by right click on the files.

Step 4: then go to BitTorrent, paste the torrent link in hyperlink icon.

Step 5: press ok and it will start downloading.

The fast and easy way to use lime torrent site is https://ww2.limetorrents.cyou/.

3. 1337x

If you looking for first day release film then 1337x is the right place where you can search all new, latest film so quickly. Old films are also available here. Millions of torrent links are present here. This site is very famous all over the world. You can find all possible languages films or web series.

1337x offers you a multipurpose platform, some useful icons on homepage under search tab are movies, television, games, music, application, anime, documentary and last one others. The OTHERS option give you more interesting features.

To download your favorites, the steps are:

Step 1: Search for 13377x proxy.

Step 2: then many website option will be visible, click on 1337x.to (which will show 100% working).

Step 3: search your favorite and get your torrent link by right click on the torrent.

Step 4: paste the link on hyperlink option of BitTorrent software and download it.

4. Zooqle

Another popular quickly emerging as an alternative of other big torrents. Daily more than 1000 torrents are being added in the site. It is also known as “best download website on the interwebs”. It is best for video games torrents. The languages availability is only English and Russian.

More languages are expected. The design of the homepage is worth visiting. All the torrents are verified the options are more than one choose your suitable one and enjoy your entertainments, games, music, file sharing category and many more.

5. YTS

Every movie and web series lover want to watch a good quality videos. And TTS gives all best quality videos. In the homepage you will find new and popular movies. To download all your favorites, you have to login or register on the homepage option. After login you can enjoy your entertainments.

The most attractive feature is all the torrent links download faster. All is needed good internet connection. If you want to see all the movies in library option, the option is also available. The reaching link is https://yts.rs/.

6. Ru Tracker

Ru tracker is for Russian or who know Russian language. Only two types of languages are available English and Russian. First time user will find will difficulty for those who don’t know Russian. So first translate the words, then use. And you will get used to it will be get easy to use this site.

It is fully free. It means everyone can use this and it doesn’t have any strict seeding requirement. When Ru Tracker is doesn’t need any VPN or any other software, it can be used as anonymous.

7. Kickass Torrent 

One of the most visited torrent site is Kickass Torrent. The site and the homepage is very simple. It is very easy to use. Its attractive features are you can find here just by changing homepage. After changing the homepage, all popular movies, web series, games, music will be visible.

Here peer-to-peer files can be shared through BitTorrent protocol. This site was banned for some time. But the mirror version is activated again after few months. Now you can use this site. Millions of people enjoy here per day.

8. TorrentDownloads

One of the best and easily used website is TorrentDownloads. It offers movies, web series, music, games, anime, software, books and other torrents. The pulling feature is no ads. It is very safe to download anything. This website is fully free for enjoyment. Only good internet connection is the thing that needed to be fix then the smoothness of downloading will be amazed.

To protect itself, the website sends the user to iTorrent.org at the time of downloading. It happens to protect itself from potential lawsuit by copyright watchdogs. iTorrent.org is safe for download. All the links are good quality and safe to download. The chances of getting fake torrent is less.

8. Torlock

Another amazing torrent alternative which is for downloading movies and TV shows. All the torrents are verified, and the website adds hundreds of torrents on daily basis. Using VPN this site is very safe. Your entertainment is the first priority.

There is a unique feature with an advantage that a new section is mentioned. There all the laws and regulation gets updated. So, if you ate interested you are free to go there and increase your intelligence. In short words, all movies and TV shows are downloaded in good quality ad you can gain some intelligence.

9. Skytorrent

Skytorrent is a new in market. But it gained a lot of attention in short period. Skytorrent is a private search engine. It is very safe to use. Here the tension of getting cookies and other IP related issues are zero. The user is anonymous at the time of downloading. The possibilities of torrent link are like a market.

The choice is huge. It is totally advertisement free. Sometimes all the features maybe don’t work because the website is still in under progress. On the homepage of the skytorrent it is mentioned that all the feedbacks are respected and welcomed.

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These are the best and useful alternative sites which is full off entertainment, TV shows, movies, radio, games, news and more. If you want to choose alternative of torrent, then these sites are suggested. All of the alternative are free version and all are worthy for your enjoyment and your time pass.

Some of them are illegal to watch so you can be scanned by your government. So it is better to use VPN service, there are plenty of VPN apps which covers all kinds of devices. Always keep your safety first priority.