Fix: Discord Javascript Error

Discord, the most popular software, allows you to interact with your pals or teammates while playing. It is, without a doubt, a “had to have” programme thanks to its distinctive characteristics. Numerous individuals, nonetheless, have encountered a JavaScript issue when attempting to setup Discord on their PC.

When you first open up Discord on your PC, you’ll see the error “A JavaScript issue occurred in the main process.”

The issue message window normally offers a variety of info about the error, however it is difficult for a non-technical audience to explore. In combating this challenge, people have tried a variety of approaches.

Discord Javascript Error

The approaches are usually basic enough that they may be completed quickly without spending hours. If you properly follow the directions, the issue should be resolved without any time.

Even though some people have mentioned receiving the JavaScript Discord issue whilst attempting to load Discord on their machines, we have not enough info to know what’s causing it.

Furthermore, there are no higher levels of intrinsicity regarding the problem on the authorised Discord portal. If the JavaScript problem is preventing you from using Discord, don’t worry; it occurs to a lot of people.

Furthermore, such flaws may be corrected. As a result, by following the steps outlined in this post, you will be able to repair Discord JavaScript issues. So, get this ball rolling!

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What Causes the ‘A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process’ Problem in Discord?

There’s not many known factors for this issue, thus the majority of debugging options are dependent on rebooting Discord or its configuration in some way. Nonetheless, we’ve compiled a concise overview for you to peruse:

Discord or its configuration may become faulty — The Discord setup is responsible in this case, alternatively reconfigure its configuration or relaunch the software.

The Premium Windows Audio Video Interface program is not operating — This feature is critical to the app’s operation because it is closely linked to its fundamental functions. Ensure it gets going on its own.

Operating Discord with master privileges is believed to trigger this issue, so keep in mind you disable this choice.

How To Fix Discord Javascript Error

Now, until further ado, let’s take a peek at the simple methods listed underneath to resolve the Discord JavaScript problem. Kindly consider reading the repairs and their instructions in order to complete your assignment correctly!

Solution 1: Delete Discord Folders in %AppData% and %LocalAppData%:

Discord keeps track of temporarily storing documents on your computer that either assists it work smoothly or, in our scenario, creates issues. We ought to erase those items to provide Discord a clean start when it comes to resetting alone without javascript defect or anything else.

The preceding directories ought to be deleted to reconfigure Discord configuration and possibly fix the JavaScript problem that prevents you from using Discord whatsoever. These methods were initially recommended by the Discord webpage for a separate issue, but customers have noted that they can just work for this one too.

Step 1: By accessing Windows Explorer & tapping on This PC, browse to the given place on your desktop: “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Discord”

Step 2: If you can’t find the AppData directory, you might have to allow the setting to see secret documents. Upon that File Explorer panel, select the “View” button, then the “Hidden items” preference pane inside the Show/hide category. File Explorer will display secret documents and retain this setting unless you alter it.

Step 3: Inside this AppData directory, eliminate the Discord document. If you get a notice claiming that a few files can not be erased since they were being used, close Spotify and finish the procedure in the Task Manager.

Step 4: To open the Run dialogue box, simply tap the Start key or the search option beside it and input “Run,” or press the Wins Button + R keyboard shortcut. Hit Enter after typing “% localappdata% “.

Step 5: Right-tap on the Discord directory in the newly opened directory and select Delete.

Step 6: Ensure that the directories have been entirely removed and no further items exist in them. Upon rebooting your system, observe whether the Discord problem nonetheless shows!

Solution 2: Change the Startup Type of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service

Many customers were able to remedy the JavaScript problem by switching the Premium Windows Audio Video Interface carrier’s launch mode from Custom to Automated. They further stated that the strategy worked for programs apart from Discord in resolving the JavaScript problem! To fix the issue, go through the instructions below!

Step 1: Use the Wins Key + R keyboard shortcut  to launch the Run tool. To access the Services utility, input “services.msc” with no quotes in the freshly formed section and hit OK.

Step 2: Right-tap on the Premium Windows Audio Video Interface component in the panel, then pick Properties through the tab that opens.

Step 3: If the program is running, press the Brake pedal in the midst of the screen to cease it. In such a case, restart it by pressing the Start button.

Step 4: Prior to proceeding with the rest of the procedures, try and ensure that the Automated choice underneath the Startup mode category in the program’s settings tab is selected. When altering the starting mode, approve whatever dialog fields that may display. After you tap Start, you might get an error warning.

If the above occurs, take the steps outlined underneath to resolve the issue.

Step 1: For visiting the program’s attribute table, repeat procedure 1-3 from the previous plan that guides. Go over the Log On menu and select the Browse… option.

Step 2: Add your profile’s identity into the “Input the asset name to pick” field area, then press Check Names & await for the term into becoming accessible.

Step 3: When you’re set, tap OK, and unless you’ve made a passphrase, input it in the Password field when requested. It ought to be ready to initiate with no problems!

Solution 3: Run Discord without Administrator Privileges

Certain customers have discovered that even though they’re not signed in with their admin privileges, the application functions. This clearly indicates that the admin privileges are the real issue with the utility.

It isn’t a smart option to launch arbitrary apps as a superintendent, and several customers have claimed that disabling master capabilities on Discord fixed their dilemma!

Step 1: Alter the attributes of the Discord executable by right-tapping its item on the Windows, the  StartLauncher, or the Search result pane and selecting Properties. Upon making adjustments, go to the Properties pane Compatibility section and disable the pack beside the Run this programme as a superintendent choice.

Step 2: Assure you acknowledge any dialogues that arise to affirm your modifications, and Discord must therefore begin without administrator credentials. Double-tap its logo to activate it and observe whether the issue nonetheless remains.

Solution 4: Reinstall Discord

One of the really significant approaches in this post is to undertake a fresh install, since this remedy has been proven for many folks who have battled with this issue. This method is gimmicky, but unless you want to reboot your Discord setup and get it working afresh, you must carefully follow each stride.

Step 1: First and foremost, assure you’re signed in as an admin since you probably wouldn’t be able to uninstall applications if you’re not.

Step 2: Launch Control Panel by seeking for one in the Start tab. If you’re running Windows 10, you may also launch Settings by clicking upon that cog symbol.

Step 3: Choose View as: Classification in the upper right – hand corner of Control Unit, then hit Eliminate a Program underneath the Programs sector.

Step 4: If you’re using the Settings app, selecting Applications should bring compiled a series of many of the applications you’ve preinstalled.

Step 5: Hit Uninstall in the Settings to deactivate Discord.

Step 6: The removal programme for Discord should launch, encouraging you to “fully delete Discord from your system.” Select Yes.

Step 7: tap on Finish after the uninstalling ends.

If you successfully uninstalled the utility, just re – enable it by obtaining the current setup file from their webpage, launching it from the Downloads documents, and continuing the visible directions until the procedure is complete. The Javascript inaccuracy must no longer be present.

Solution 5: Closing All Discord Processes

We’ll use the task manager to kill all operations before reinstalling Discord. If there are many tasks operating at the same time, Discord’s setup is expected to break. Only method to avoid this is by using Task Manager to kill every Discord task.

Step 1: Hit Wins + R, then input “taskmgr” into the textbox.

Step 2: Check for every Discord task in the task manager, tap upon that, & choose End Task.

Step 3: Afterwards consider downloading it to verify if it solves the issue.

If you’re having trouble terminating any Discord replicas, you can use Command Prompt to get clear of those. Take the following guidelines to make sure:

Step 1: Put “Command Prompt” into the Windows Search field, right-tap there & select “Run as Admin.”

Step 2: Enter “taskkill /f /im discord.exe” & hit enter.

Step 3: Henceforth, verify if the damage still remains.

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Without confusion, receiving the Discord JavaScript fault whilst going to access the programme on your system is unpleasant since it prevents you from using the amazing software. As a result, we’ve concisely detailed the probable reasons of the issue in this tutorial, as well as the simple workarounds you may apply to repair the Discord JavaScript defect.

We pray you find this beneficial!