Dance at the Highest Spot and the Lowest Spot on the Map

We’ve had to discover the tallest spot or the farthest out area on the compass points before, but we’ve never had to explore the depths of the lowest spot on the map; this adds a new spin on the tried-and-true ‘go there, do that’ formula for tasks in Fortnite.

One of the Week 9 challenges in Fortnite will need you to do precisely that, so practise your dance moves and get ready.

Dance at the Highest Spot and the Lowest Spot on the Map

Let us show you the way to Fortnite’s highest and lowest points, in case you have no idea where they are.

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Where to find Fortnite’s Highest and Lowest Points

It’s hardly surprising that Fortnite’s highest point is located on a mountaintop, and players have their pick of several other summits spread around the island’s several mountain ranges.

Although it may take some mental gymnastics to pinpoint it, there is one specific place in Fortnite that is truly lower than sea level.

Both are marked on the map, and we provide more details about them both below:

A Guide to Doing the Dance at the Summit of Fortnite’s Map.

Mount Kay, in location G7, is the highest point in Fortnite, and a massive flagpole stands at its apex.

If it helps, this location is south of Catty Corner and east of the Fortnite Weather Station.

You can dance at the highest point of the Fortnite map by gliding down or climbing to the peak.

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Instructions for doing the Low-Spot Dance in Fortnite

This portion of the island’s northwest is now known as Coral Castle in honour of Aquaman’s contribution to the game.

The lowest point in Fortnite is here because, if the surrounding sea level hadn’t plummeted so dramatically, this area would be submerged.

It seems the ground level counts anywhere within this buried area, so break out your favourite emote and dance at the lowest point on the map to complete the task in Fortnite without getting too technical.