CricHD Alternatives for Cricket Live Streaming

Crichd is a free platform to watch cricket, online. Streaming live cricket live is no longer a luxury as it previously used to be.

There are many such platforms where you can now watch your favorite batsmen hitting it out of the park and your favorite bowler taking fifers with great video and audio quality.

We will now go on to provide you with 10 amazing websites where you can stream your match of choice from any country.

The websites we will mention, cover a wide array of sports, hence, this article would be a great read for not just cricket fans but all sports lovers.

Some of these websites are free where you can enjoy the Gentleman’s game to its fullest. Let us now explore the said sites


Here is the list that you came here for

1. Hotstar

A premium streaming app from India, Hotstar provides great service for most kinds of sports.

However, it being exclusively from India, you would need a VPN to hide your IP address and locate it in India in order for you to use Hotstar.

It can be accessed through most devices. Other than regular cricket, you can stream different sports and even watch International news and a whole lot of movies.

2. Sony Liv

Although Sony Liv is meant to be an overall entertainment hub, it does stream live sports including cricket.

You can stream high quality live T20, ODI and test matches quite smoothly because of its user-friendly interface.

Movies, wrestling (WWE), football and even the hugely popular NBA (American Basketball) can be streamed through this app.

You can also browse through their catalogue to shortlist your programs to watch beforehand. All in all, Sony Liv promises an unhindered and wholesome experience.

3. Cricfree

Cricfree provides top class rugby, golf and baseball content for you to stream. The platform is designed in a simple manner that is easy to comprehend.

You can choose whichever sport you want to stream from the large list of options available on the home page. Cricfree can be streamed legally without any problem.

There is a slight inconvenience caused by advertisements however, they are not very coaxing and can be easily done away with.

4. CrackStreams

Another easy-to-use online platform, CrackStreams offers very good content at a great worth.

Combat sports fans who enjoy watching mixed martial arts and boxing would surely like this website.

Crackstreams also covers American football and basketball. Make sure you use some sort of a VPN to stay safe from unwanted trouble.

Using a VPN will also help you hide your IP address while you stream and enjoy this site.

5. Stream2Watch

A word of caution before you proceed, although this website claims to be legal, the matter is cloudy and controversial at best.

Stream2watch lets you stream tennis, basketball, baseball and even hockey apart from your regular football and cricket. Thus, this site is indeed very versatile and attractive to most sports lovers.

The high-definition picture quality that this site provides is remarkable, to say the least. However, the disadvantage of using Stream2watch is its annoying ads.

A bombardment of ads might discourage you from streaming this site but do keep in mind that it is an absolutely free utility that you are using.

6. LiveTV

The platform of LiveTv is perfect for Europeans as most of the content they stream is focused on European sports.

As this site caters mostly for Europeans, NFL and NBA fans might be disappointed with the lack of American content being streamed. The traffic of Americans visiting this site is considerably lower than that of others.

However, the most attractive proposition of this platform is that it streams even the rarest of rare European sport events on many occasions.

The user interface is very friendly and the events are categorised in an orderly manner. Livetv even announces major events beforehand on their website so that everyone can tune in at the appropriate moment.

7. FromHot

A very versatile platform, in essence, FromHot streams most of the sports broadcasted on TV.

They stream both the extremely popular events to the less popular events on their website in order to cater to most of the audience.

The homepage displays the list of events being streamed in an uncomplicated manner which is quite easy to comprehend.

FromHot is also great for the viewers in a hurry since it does not require you to sign in, in order to stream their content.


VIPBox is one of the oldest online streaming platforms and has been around before 2016. They even support seven different languages which are very appealing to people all over the world.

They stream most of the major events and provide different working links to the matches. Do remember to use the VPN and also keep track of their URL since it changes sporadically.

Another special feature of this site is that VIPBOX provides a unique search bar where you can simply type in and look for your particular event instead of browsing through lists.

9. WatchSportOnline

Poor video quality is a very common nuisance for those who stream sports online, frequently.

Watchsportsonline has a comprehensive solution for that particular problem as it offers only HD content.

It also provides a live column where all the current live games/matches are displayed. Other than that, there is also a search bar for you to find your content.

WatchSportsOnline also features a wide array of sports for all sports lovers. However, you need to sign up and register to use this website.

10. Bosscast

Bosscast provides a huge amount of content and lets you even select your content channel-wise.

The home page displays a list of channels like ESPN, Sky Sports etc. on the left-hand side where you have to choose from in order to stream your event.

However, Bosscat is notorious for infecting your PC with malware and virus so make sure your anti-virus is up and running while you are visiting this site.

We also suggest you keep your VPN switched on as the content which Bosscat features is not legal.


We are very fortunate to survive in the era of the digital revolution as it allows us to do things that we never thought we could do. One of those things used to be watching our favorite sports on the go.

Many of us would lament if we missed a game, we looked forward to due to unfortunate circumstances.

However, the chances of that happening are slim as there are a lot of online streaming platforms which we can access even from our mobile phones.

This is how we can stay up to date and enjoy HD quality matches at our own convenience.

Our article here features 10 of the most amazing streaming platforms which have made the lives of sports enthusiasts a lot smoother.

Remember to use good antivirus software and a proper VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will hide your URL in order to ensure a safe and sound streaming experience.