The Best Way to Get Started with Boardrooms

For companies to be led in a competent way, a team of leaders needs to assemble. Board meetings are events during which heads of each department gather to discuss actionable points, decide the direction of the company, and further work on the already established tasks.

Those are the meetings where the most important decisions are made, where dealmakers capitalize on the strength of their co-workers and decide the best course of action. Creators of board software are aware of this and this is why they designed this type of solution.


What is a board portal software, and what are the best ways to get started with a board portal?

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1. Get to Know the Tool

A board meeting app is a place where you can store all the important information pertaining to previous, current, and future board meetings. It is a suite created to help lead, manage, and later recall board meetings to maximize the efficiency of those events.

Everyone who wants to use this tool to help their boards meet should spend some time inside of the software itself to see all the tools at their disposal. However, this is also a good time to introduce all the documents to the system and plan out how they will be accessed.

2. Design a Clear Folder Structure

Documentation related to previous board meetings needs to be kept in a secure and organized way. Board portals are created with security in mind, and can also assist you with templates for folder structure, and many other tools that help with the organizational needs of the company.

If anyone who has access to the space sees the clear folder tree, they will have a much easier time picking the documents that they actually need. Not to mention that board meeting management will also be much simplified, with everyone knowing where to find what kind of file during a meeting.

3. Arrange the First Meeting

The tool also needs to fulfill its need to support and oversee board meetings. Before the first meeting even starts, there are a couple of things that need to be taken into consideration.


All of the documents inside of the board portal serve a purpose, and that purpose is creating an agenda document. This is the fundament for the next board meeting and a document that will structure the event. All of the participants need to be aware of it and need to construct their speeches or presentations accordingly.

The agenda is based on past tasks, current line items, and future tasks to be put into motion. Setting an agenda might be done in combination with creating an event calendar.

4. Invite Everyone to the Meeting

Usually, deciding on a meeting date would be more difficult, as it would involve a person physically reaching out to each department head and aligning schedules. With the use of a virtual boardroom, this is much easier, as you can just share a link where everyone can set their availability in the calendar.

This way everyone knows each other’s time slots and you can tell straight away which would be the optimal day to host the meeting. And after they confirm their availability, they will get the agenda sent straight to their email inbox.

5. Create Meeting Minutes

As we are in the 21st century, we no longer have to physically take part in the meeting itself, and thanks to the use of board management software, we can do almost everything remotely, from taking attendance, to making decisions about the events that are yet to happen.

And thanks to the tools hidden inside of the software, it is both engaging and informative. This all leaves a trail in the digital landscape, which can be later turned into meeting minutes. And it is important because the company itself can use meeting minutes to analyze past decisions and track their implementation.

6. Do the Aftermath of Your First Board Meeting

As you already know, once each meeting is done, a meeting minutes document needs to be prepared. Thanks to the capabilities of a board portal, this document can be created almost instantly and sent out to everyone who has joined the meeting.

This way, everybody has got a reminder of what happened and can proceed accordingly to the decision made on the call itself. And they can remind themselves before a new meeting begins, what kinds of tasks were scheduled, and what has been done since the last meeting.

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7. Begin the Next Cycle of Events

After you are done with everything connected to the last meeting, you can start the whole cycle anew. Deciding on the agenda of the meeting, inviting people into the meeting, leading the meeting with the board document management software, and altering on extracting it into a meeting minutes doc.

All of that can be optimized and simplified thanks to a board portal — one of the best investments into the managerial needs of the business.

Each business has dealmakers. Those dealmakers need to meet up to decide on the future of the business. Why wouldn’t you want to support them by investing in a solution that will make that decision-making both easier and faster, and will help with future file management?

A board portal software solution is something that not only improves the workflow of the company but also contributes to its steady development. Find out more about what is available on the market, and pick a solution that caters to your board room needs. We are certain that you will be able to find an efficient solution for your business.