Why Was Siren Season 4 Cancelled

All audiences find mermaids endearing. They epitomise all that is refined, beautiful, passionate, and fantastical. It’s not harmful to imagine that mystical beings exist every once in a while.

Siren, however, made this dream a reality. And now, sadly, there’s a chance we won’t get a Siren Season 4, and we’ll have to abandon our fantasy forever.

Siren was not your normal mermaid drama because the Sirens in the story weren’t all that innocent, and the story revolved on the seaside hamlet of Bristol Cove, which was once home to mermaids.

To this day, it remains mysterious, fascinating, and thrilling. Despite the show’s obvious popularity and the fact that it had already been renewed for a fourth season, Siren was cancelled after only three years.

Why Was Siren Season 4 Cancelled

However, there is now talk of a possible extension. All the juicy information concerning the fallout from Season 4 of Siren has been compiled in this post. If you like mermaids, you’ll want to read on!

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Is Siren’s Season 4 Even Happening?

There will be no Season 4 of Siren, as FreeForm Network stated in August 2020. Fans like us were taken aback by the news after three successful seasons.

We were beginning to give up hope for a Season 4 of Siren until word spread that the show had been renewed by FreeForm Network, with a new premiere date of September 22, 2022.

Although the story has spread like wildfire, many people are still sceptical of the Siren’s comeback because the series’ IMDB website lists 2020 as its conclusion year. Our collective opinion? As we await Season 4 of Siren, we can only hope for a spectacular return.

Will There Be a Season 4 of Siren, or Has It Been Cancelled Already?

Yes and no, I suppose. In August of 2020, Siren was axed. However, recent reports suggest that the release date adjustment was due to a change in production rather than cancellation. In other words, Season 4 of Siren could yet happen within the next year or two.

When will We be Able to See Siren Season 4?

Season 4 of Siren is scheduled to premiere on September 22, 2022. However, it’s impossible to predict what will happen next or when on a show like Siren. Despite this, we Siren devotees are confident that Season 4 is on the horizon.

A Look at the Season 4 Cast of Siren

In that case, we’re in luck, because Season 4 of Siren is supposedly on the way. We’re set to reunite with our charming primary cast. The cast will be complete with the return of original members Eline Powell (Ryn), Rena Owen (Helen), Ian Verdun (Xander), Alex Roe (Ben), and Fola Evans-Akingbola (Maddie).

Similar to a Siren

The show Siren is one of a kind because of the unusual way in which fantasy, legend, and mystery are interwoven. Therefore, it is not easily interchangeable with any other programme.

However, we are pleased to introduce you to a number of shows that have a similar feel to Siren and can serve as excellent fillers until Season 4 of Siren is released.

Tidelands is the first. The story follows former criminal Cal McTeer as she navigates her hometown, where the existence of Sirens is a closely guarded secret. It’s called the Outpost, and it’s the second one.

Talon’s tale is one of vengeance; she lost her family but eventually learned she possessed paranormal abilities.

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Lastly, there’s Nancy Drew, in position three. High school senior Drew puts her plans for the future on hold when she becomes engaged in a mysterious murder case. Charmed is the number four show on the list.

There’s a reason why Charmed has become such a beloved cult classic. Three witch sisters in the made-up town of Hilltown serve as the story’s protagonists.