Why is My TikTok Under Review

Learn how to easily resolve the “TikTok Under Review” and “Video is being processed” issues that are preventing you from uploading a new video to TikTok and seeing if the service is currently down for everyone or just you in 2022.

TikTok users are complaining on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. that their newly uploaded films are stuck with the message “This video is under review and cannot be shared,” while other users receive the error message “Video is being processed.”

These two problems are what’s preventing recently uploaded videos from appearing in the “For You” feed or getting any views at all. There’s been some speculation amongst users that perhaps TikTok is experiencing technical difficulties in some areas.

Why is My TikTok Under Review

DownDetector reports issues with TikTok from June 19-21, 2022, and it still hasn’t been fixed, so they may have a point. At the same time, users of TikTok were reporting the aforementioned problems. But that’s not the only thing that goes wrong with those sentences.

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To clarify, what Exactly is the Problem with TikTok that has it “Under Review”?

More than 80% of TikTok’s monthly active users have uploaded a video at least once, and about 35% do so on a weekly basis. Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded to TikTok every single day. To prevent harmful materials from appearing on TikTok, the site employs AI-based moderation.

Whenever your TikTok video doesn’t follow the rules, it will be placed “under review” until a moderator can examine it. Users that are already well-known and have a sizable fan base are especially vulnerable to this problem.

However, several users have reported that, as of late, TikTok has been placing their newly uploaded movies in a “review” queue, where they can remain for hours without being processed. On June 19th, people began reporting problems, and in February of 2022, there was a repeat performance.

It’s likely that this is happening because of a problem with the TikTok app or servers. A number of users in various areas are also reporting system slowdowns. That’s why the “under review” label appears on even videos that don’t include any content that breaks TikTok’s rules.

When a video gets flagged by TikTok, what does that mean?

If you post a video to TikTok and get the “This video is under review” message, it won’t be viewable by anyone else until the review time is through.

The video will not be shown on the most popular “For You” pages, resulting in less views. Typically, the review process lasts about 48 hours, though this time frame might be shortened or lengthened as needed.

After evaluation, the video could be marked as inappropriate, leading to a shadowban, temporary ban, or even permanent ban. In most cases, a temporary ban will be issued for the first offence, while a permanent ban will be issued for subsequent violations.

If you try to Upload a video to TikTok, You may see the “Video is being Processed” Rrror.

Another problem that keeps you from publishing a new video on TikTok is an error that says “Video is being processed.” As a rule, this occurs when the user does not have a reliable Internet connection or when the video file is too large to upload quickly.

Due to recent server difficulties on the part of TikTok, this error is currently occurring alongside the “Under Review” problem. Users become aggravated and their uploads stall for hours when they see this notice.

The error has no official solution, just like the first one. Within a few hours, the problem should fix itself if your video and network connection are both fine.

Fixing TikTok’s “Your video is now being reviewed or processed” Error

Even though TikTok hasn’t yet recognised a server outage, a related discussion involving thousands of users is taking place across the web. The reason why so many TikTok members have had their videos reviewed is unclear. So, at the moment, there is no foolproof answer.

Common fixes include rebooting the app or device, erasing the app’s cache, and reinstalling TikTok. Keep in mind that deleting TikTok will erase any unsaved draughts you may have.

Once you’ve identified the cause of your video’s suspension and fixed it, you can upload it again. Sometimes the hashtags or the captions are to blame, so you can check and change those as well.

If the video itself is fine, then all you need to do is wait for TikTok to fix the problem on its end. If problems persist, please let us know about them here. If more people report it, TikTok will likely release an update sooner.

What could cause TikTok to examine your video

As time has passed, TikTok has evolved into a platform that is generally secure for all users. It has already drawn criticism for hosting violent and sexually explicit content on its platform. These days, videos on TikTok are scanned in real-time by an algorithm powered by artificial intelligence.

The software scans the clips for anything that could be considered offensive, such as weapons, sexual content, or inflammatory language. When a video is put under review by TikTok, it’s usually for one of these five reasons:

  • Adult-themed, pornographic, or sexually explicit content.
  • Gratuitous violence and self-harm/suicide-related stuff.
  • Spam or misleading posts.
  • Stealing another TikTok user’s video.
  • Community rules violation.

You’ll need to make some changes to your video if it contains any of the following five things before you can post it to TikTok without getting in trouble. In any other case, TikTok will investigate and, depending on the severity of the infraction, may possibly terminate your account.

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The Best Way to KeepYour TikTok Videos From being Flagged for Moderation.

Reviewing and adhering to the TikTok Community Guidelines is the quickest and easiest approach to keep your videos from being flagged for moderation. In this approach, TikTok will approve your profile and you may avoid any hassles.

If TikTok detects inappropriate content on your profile, it will continue to monitor your account for future infractions. If you want to keep your profile up for a long time, it’s best to maintain it clean.