Why do Snowboarders Wear Jerseys on One Shoulder

Just in time for their next tournament, the U.S. Snowboard Team’s clothes were updated.

Volcom, a sportswear company based in California, was named the official outfitter of the U.S. Snowboard Team for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing on January 12.

The company also released a collection on the same day so that you may feel like an Olympian while shredding the slopes.

Volcom has released a five-kit snowboarding collection in honour of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Why do Snowboarders Wear Jerseys on One Shoulder

The main uniform, which fans will see worn by the pros in action, will include a variety of high-tech items designed for severe winter sports or for simply keeping warm in subzero temperatures.

Cozy sweaters and knitted beanies will keep the Olympians warm all day, while psychedelic-printed tops, function-forward gear.

Heat-insulated puffer coats, and Zip-Tech-detailed pants with handwarmer pockets will make a statement amid the competition.

Why do some Olympic Snowboarders and Skiers Tuck Their Bib Under One Arm?

Some spectators at the Beijing Winter Olympics snowboarding events may have seen that some competitors tuck one side of their number bibs beneath their arms.

According to CBC Olympics snowboarding expert Craig McMorris, the rationale has more to do with practicality than style.

“Those bibs have a nasty habit of flying up and getting in the way of people’s sight. I would not recommend doing that at all.

As a result, many cyclists conceal it under their arm “McMorris made this remark while competing in the halfpipe event on his snowboard.

Wearing the bib with only one arm is not the standard practise. Japan’s Ayumu Hirano, a snowboarder who won a gold medal in the halfpipe, didn’t even bother with it.

Synnott Sadowski of New Zealand won gold in slopestyle and silver in big air on a snowboard, while Chloe Kim of the United States earned her second halfpipe gold medal.


They are one size fits all, which means they are bulky, and you wouldn’t want it flapping in your face if you did any sort of acrobatics including flips or spins.

Simply said, this is a matter of economic mobility, and not a statement on political ideology. Both sexes wear it like way, or otherwise knot it tightly so it doesn’t flutter while they fly.