Who Did Charlie Puth Date in 2019

Singer Charlie Puth has released a new song titled “That’s Hilarious,” although it’s unclear who the song is about or if it’s even about a breakup.

What did Charlie say about his most heartbreaking breakup? Charlie announced his new single, That’s Hilarious, in a video shared to TikTok and Instagram, and he became emotional while doing so.

He said that a difficult and traumatic separation inspired the song, which explains the emotional depth of the accompanying video.

Beginning on a more upbeat tone, Charlie explains why he chose to release That’s Hilarious as his second single. But as he thought about the song’s message, his mood shifted.

On camera, he made the following statement: “I can’t wait for the release of the track. But you know, every time I hear it, it takes me back to a moment in my life when things were quite difficult.”

Who Did Charlie Puth Date in 2019

As a result of the singer’s emotional breakdown, his comment area was flooded with supportive words from his fans “Don’t cry, Charlie; it hurts my feelings. Incredibly pleased with you.

I’m relieved to see you succeed, and even more so to see you stronger than before. We adore you.” But a lot of people said they thought Charlie’s new song was probably about Selena Gomez. What follows is a complete account of the situation.

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‘That’s Hilarious’ Written by Charlie Puth, featuring Selena Gomez.

Some listeners were confused by the song because Charlie claimed on Twitter in 2020, “I’ve never been in love “I know it’s odd to admit it online, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced love.

Although I have experienced lust, it is not the same thing. I just can’t seem to get myself there. Even though I know I’ll be able to do it someday, it’s always been a struggle for me.”

In the meantime, speculation abounds as to who he might be referring to, given that he never identifies the source of the feelings.

As expected, Selena Gomez was a popular name in the discussion threads. There were rumours that Charlie and Selena were dating in 2016, but they never officially confirmed it. The truth about Charlie’s relationship with Selena only came out in 2018.

He went as far as to blame the fact that she had other interests for the breakup of their relationship. Many people believe that Selena’s other thought was of Justin Bieber. But Selena and Justin’s romance was doomed from the start.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Charlie said, “In any case, I wasn’t the only person she was thinking about. As for knowing what I was getting into, I believe I did.” Then he went on to say that his time spent with Selena was brief, unimportant, but profound.

Moreover, he claimed that the connection had severely damaged his mental health. Many of his devotees believe his breakup with Selena Gomez was the worst of his life. Possibly, the subject of That’s Hilarious is the onetime Disney star.

What Did Charlie Puth Have to Say About Selena Gomez?

Charlie explained to Billboard that the song We Don’t Talk Anymore was about their failed relationship.

The musician also hinted at some unsavoury behaviour he may have engaged in, discussing a time in his life when someone close to him lusted after the attention of someone else. There’s a chance he did some shady things when he found out and they broke up.

As previously established, Charlie’s connection with Selena had a significant negative impact on him.

In the middle of performing “We Don’t Talk Anymore” with Selena, he yelled “f**k Justin Bieber” at a Dallas event in 2016.

However, Charlie did explain in the video, “As much as some people assumed I was talking about Selena, “The master was just played, but all it did was remind me of 2019, the worst year of my life.

This is the most challenging song I have ever written, and I just wanted to sweep it under the rug, start anew, and surround myself with better people.”

Although Charlie was not seeing Selena in 2019, he was seeing Charlotte Lawrence, therefore his breakdown was likely caused by his feelings for her.

And Where Did Charlie Puth and Charlotte Lawrence Go?

On February 14, 2019, Charlie confirmed his connection with Charlotte by posting a black and white snapshot of the two of them. The photo was originally posted to his Instagram account, but he has now removed it.

She gushed over him on Entertainment Tonight, stating that he hears things that no one else can hear and that he is so crazy on the piano. His songs and lyrics, she added, are usually outrageously good.

Then, when asked if she had anything to say regarding the allegations of a romantic relationship between her and a certain actor, Charlotte declined to comment, adding that she doesn’t read headlines, doesn’t look herself up, and doesn’t look at tagged photos.

Charlotte said that she found that concerning given that both genuine and false information is readily available for pickup. She’d rather withdraw and live her life without having to deal with those who pretend to speak on her behalf.

Thereafter, Charlie and Charlotte’s relationship became public knowledge, however in September 2019, Charlie claimed on Twitter that he was single, stating, “Only because I want ppl to stop asking the question….

Yes, I am single now… and please don’t believe everything you read… thank you.” In conclusion, while it’s possible that his new song is about Charlotte, it’s also likely that his most heartbreaking split was with Selena Gomez.

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