When Will We Know Who Won The Election

On Thursday, May 6, millions of people cast ballots in elections around England, Scotland, and Wales.

Votes were cast for council members, mayors, police commissioners, Scottish and Welsh parliamentarians, as well as one Westminster MP.

When Will We Know Who Won The Election

How are the Results of the Voting Announced?

Ballot boxes were transported from all polling places to local or regional counting centres after the polls closed at 22:00 BST, where staff members opened them and began counting votes.

Media personnel and a select group of delegates from each party are permitted access to the centres to monitor the counts.

The returning officer, who is in charge of tallying the votes in a particular area, such as an English council or a Scottish constituency, then takes the stage to declare the results.

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Will this Year’s Counting be Slower?

Yes, in part because of the impact that Covid’s safety measures will have.

Less employees will be present at each of the counts to accommodate social distance, which will probably cause things to move more slowly.

Measures and timelines will differ across the nation because returning officers are in charge of the procedure in their respective centres.

However, because there are so many elections happening in various places, the counts will also take longer.

Elections have been held a number of times since they were moved from 2022.

For the West of England Mayor, Bristol Mayor, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, and the entire Bristol Council, for instance, Bristol personnel will be counting ballots.

When will the Outcomes be Known?

Hartlepool by-election in Westminster

On Friday morning, it was revealed that the Conservatives had seized the seat from Labour.

European Parliament

On Friday morning, the returning cops began to count. On Saturday, the complete results—including the regional lists—are due.

Welsh Senedd results for Scotland thus far

Results for the regional seats should be completed on Saturday when all of the constituency ballots have been tallied.

Welsh outcomes so far English mayors and councils

The majority of the results are already in. But anticipate that announcements to be spaced out across the weekend.

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Results so far for England: Mayor and Assembly of London

The Mayoral election and some regions of London will begin counting on Saturday; results will likely be published in the evening.

Police and Crime Commissioners’ preliminary findings in London

These outcomes will be dispersed. In other areas, the results won’t be known until Monday morning after the votes have been tabulated.