When Lizzo Says The Food Is Ready

This is long overdue information about Lizzo’s everyday dietary habits. The star’s TikTok dishes have gone viral for a reason. Because they’re so entertaining and original.

Throughout her career, Lizzo has been a strong advocate for body acceptance and self-acceptance, including discussing her own emotional eating. The “Truth Hurts” singer encourages her followers to embrace their individuality and embrace their own bodies.

When Lizzo Says The Food Is Ready

So, what’s Lizzo’s current diet like now that she’s gone vegan? Learn more about Tom Cruise’s healthy eating habits and how he maintains his youthful appearance even at the age of 60 by reading on.

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Lizzo eats a variety of breakfast foods, but her favourite is vegan steak and eggs. Juicy Marbles’ Plant-Based Filet Mignon, fresh rosemary from her garden, seasonings, and plant-based Just Eggs were used in a TikTok video she produced.

Cauliflower hash browns are a favourite of the singer’s, so she might whip up a few extra servings. A green smoothie made with organic grass wheat, orange juice, and spirulina powder might be Lizzo’s afternoon pick-me-up.

Don’t Eat That! While green smoothies have been shown to help people shed pounds, they’re also said to have anti-aging characteristics, making them a healthy option for everyone.


Lizzo never eats the same item for lunch as she does for breakfast. Nonetheless, if you’ve ever seen her TikTok videos, you’ll know that she like salads. Everything from vegan BLT salads to BBQ-sauced salads has been cooked by her (yes, really).

It’s her Green Goddess salad that’s made famous, however, with a medley of greens and herbs including chives, cashews, and blue corn tortilla chips.

Lizzo’s favourite fast food is vegetarian burgers, but she also enjoys salads. She even made one on TikTok by wrapping it in lettuce and avoiding the carbs of a bread. Lizzo’s post-workout drink of choice is a Koja Protein Cold Brew Coffee or a chocolate smoothie. Yum!


A vegan spaghetti dish is always on the menu for the “Good As Hell” singer, who is releasing her fourth album this week. Tofu, cashews, lemons, broccoli, shallots, vegan minced chicken, and Shirataki noodles are all included in her vegan chicken alfredo pasta recipe on TikTok.

She occasionally enjoys miso soup and edamame with a vegetarian sushi roll like the avocado cucumber.


A voracious snacker, Lizzo prefers to eat healthily (with the exception of cheesy Takis!). When she’s done working out, she’ll grab a Keto Cup to refuel. Barùkas Trail Mix and Real Food From The Ground Up Cauliflower Cheddar Crackers are two of her favourite snacks, according to her TikTok.

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Last Words

To learn more about celebrity diets, go here. For those curious, here’s what Kendall Jenner eats every day.