When is The Forest 2 Coming Out

Do you want to know when Sons of the Forest will be available to buy? . Well, despite the announcement of The Forest 2, a horror survival game, a few years ago, developer Endnight Games has been as quiet as a forested forest at night, revealing virtually little information about the game.

Fans have extrapolated that the survival and building gameplay will return, and that there will be a combination of cave and land exploration, despite the lack of official information.

It’s also worth noting that the survival game’s spooky monsters and foes are back, albeit not much is known about them in this instalment.

When is The Forest 2 Coming Out

This will be discussed in further detail in a little. Let’s discuss all we know about Sons of the Forest right now, including the release date, trailers, platforms, and features we’ve seen so far.

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Date Release of Sons of the Forest

February 23, 2023 will mark the premiere of Sons of the Forest. The game will launch only for PC and cost $29.99.

The game was supposed to come out in May of 2022, but Endnight has announced a postponement, citing the “overly ambitious” target date as the reason. Next, in August of 2022, the development team announced another delay and a new gameplay teaser.

Platforms for the Game “Sons of the Forest”

Right present, PC is the only platform where Sons of the Forest will be available for purchase. We have no idea if there are any plans for a console release.

The Forest, the precursor game, was released on PlayStation 4, therefore it’s possible that Sons of the Forest will do the same, however this is purely conjectural at this point.

Sons of the Forest Story

While the story’s importance in Sons of the Forest remains unknown, the game appears to begin (surprise!) with a helicopter crash that leaves your character trapped in a forest.

The presence of the mysterious woman, who may or may not be a hallucination, raises the possibility of a storyline, but it’s also possible that the plot will be sparser, relying instead on the setting to provide meaning to the player’s actions. Nobody knows anything until the developer gives us additional information.

Game Play of Sons of the Forest

No long-form gameplay demo for Sons of the Forest has been made available to us. The second video for the game, which was released in December of 2020, does, however, reveal more in-depth gameplay, such as fighting, exploration, and even environments located inside modern buildings, all of which appear to be connected to the game’s story.

Prerequisites for the Sons of the Forest Framework

Since the trailers for Sons of the Forest appear significantly better than those for The Forest, we can only speculate that the game will demand more powerful computers to operate smoothly.

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How much does Sons of the Forest Cost, and Where can one Get a Copy?

The PC version of Sons of the Forest may be downloaded from Steam. In light of the success of the original, it is possible that it will also be released on PlayStation, however this has not yet been confirmed.