What do Gymnasts Spray on the Uneven Bars

Although it may seem illogical to apply water to the uneven bars, since this could cause them to become slippery.

This is done so that gymnasts can gain a better grip when performing swings, handstands, and dismounts.

When it comes to finding the grip necessary for the power created by their larger bodies, male gymnasts get more imaginative than their female counterparts.

Who typically utilise considerable volumes of resin mixed with the water.

What do Gymnasts Spray on the Uneven Bars

In 2012, the Wall Street Journal stated that male gymnasts utilise a wide variety of substances, including molasses, Karo syrup, melted gummy bears, and more.

And before you get on your high horse, remember that all of this is perfectly fine according to the regulations of international gymnastics, provided that no permanent carpet stains result.

Why do Gymnasts Spray the Uneven Bars?

If you’ve been paying attention to the broadcasts of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

You may have noticed that top-tier gymnasts like Sunisa Lee frequently dust themselves with white dust before competition.

Chalk (Magnesium carbonate or CMgO3) is commonly used by gymnasts to prevent the effects of sweat (hey, in that aspect, they’re just like us! ).

Reduce friction, and ensure a secure grasp on the bar or apparatus. Spraying the unequal bars is based on the same approach.

It is the gymnast’s responsibility to ensure that they will maintain a secure grasp on the uneven bars during the entirety of their routine, and it is the gymnast’s prerogative to use any mixture.

They see fit to ensure that their hands will remain firmly planted on the bars.

What are Gymnasts Spraying on the Uneven Bars?

Russian gymnast Victoria Komova was seen on camera during the all-around final televised in the evening cleaning the bar with liquid.

Was it a top-secret cocktail developed by Soviet scientists to assist Russian women dominate at the card tables?

Each gymnast has her own method for getting the uneven bars just right for her. The greatest sticks are made using a mixture of resin and water.

A layer of resin is applied to the bars, then they are sprayed and another layer of resin is applied.

Honey or Karo syrup are popular choices among male gymnasts seeking a same effect. To do their massive swings, handstands, and other release moves, they need to have a firm grasp.

A gymnast can improve her handstands by practising and perfecting her grip, but this won’t prevent her from missing the bar on a release move.

It’s the standard worldwide. Gymnast Aly Raisman’s coach, Mihai Brestyan, was seen holding a spray bottle just before the commencement of her performance.


Yahoo Sports claims that water is a typical ingredient in uneven bar solutions. A combination of resin and water is a tried-and-true remedy, according to some.

The ultimate goal is the same either way. The gymnasts should practise holding onto the equipment in various positions and positions of difficulty.

They’re not just trying to rack up points; they’re also trying to stay safe.