Virgin Couple Pregnant After Sitting on Lap

It’s heartbreaking to watch famous people become famous for the wrong reasons. There is no way to objectively verify whether someone is telling the truth or just making it up. Anyway, this time it’s Brooke Lehman who’s making headlines on TikTok for insisting she’s a “virgin” despite the fact that she’s already a mother of two.

So, what gives? For her, that wasn’t the final destination. The blogger published a clip of her and her spouse having fun. She even went so far as to call them a “virgin pair.” This remark of hers dug a bit of a hole, which led to her being showered with additional inquiries.

Virgin Couple Pregnant After Sitting on Lap

Who Is This “Brooke Lehman”?

TikTok teen star Brooke Lehman has around 200,000 fans and 11 million likes. More than that, she is a “mother” to her two daughters, Addison Marie and Avaleigh Cade. After the birth of Addison, rumours began to circulate that Brooke was expecting again.

This was following the appearance of her belly. Just recently, Avaleigh joined the family, and now there are whispers that Lehman is expecting again.

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Expressions of Joy And Concern from Brooke Lehman During Her Pregnancy

Despite being parents, Brooke and her husband claim to be “virgins,” according to her. Some recent TikTok video that Brooke posted, she explained. Remember that other couple who sat on his lap and promptly had twins? ”

Yes, I am, I am, I am, is the response.

Comments flooded in from all directions shortly after, pleading with the couple to come clean. Brooke and her husband responded together, saying that she got pregnant by “sitting on his lap.”

It was hard for most people to accept. We do, too. A second video by Brooke addressed the claims of those “who say you can’t be a virgin and get pregnant.” In the clip, she and her kid are seen dancing to the tune of “I am out here living though.”

Is Brooke A Newlywed or A Fiance?

The question has no correct solution. Depending on who you ask, she might be married or engaged. But the couple hasn’t said anything publicly about their relationship, so rumours like these are bound to arise.

They’ve been married for some time, but haven’t told anyone about it. They’ve been together for a while and have found happiness together.

Brooke is engaged to be married to Coby Meek, who is also a Tiktok celebrity with more than 2,000 followers. His Instagram page is locked down tight. Both of them are currently based in the Buckeye State. Besides her podcast, Brooke Lehman also has a YouTube account, where she shares videos about her baby and other topics.

The pair frequently updates their social media with candid photos of their growing family. They always make sure their followers are in on the fun times they’re having. They’ve known each other for a very long time.

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More photos of her with Coby are available on her Instagram page. But, in any case, to sum up, we all know that “pregnancy” does not occur simply by sitting on someone’s lap.