Uber Will Offer Up To 50,000 Teslas To Its Drivers

Uber had gone ahead and announced in the early times of this Wednesday that Hertz, who is known to have just ordered 100,000 Teslas, are willing, and they are going to supply half of that fleet to them by the year 2023. Then they will be able to give these cars to the Uber drivers who are willing and who would want to rent the cars.

As a result of this announcement that had been made, the shares of Uber went up about 2% in the pre-market, and the shares of Tesla also saw a rise of 1%. These were rises that had been expected the moment the announcement has been made.

Uber Will Offer Up To 50,000 Teslas To Its Drivers

Uber had gone ahead and said that this step was a part of their plan, and this was a step forward to their zero-emission goal. If they are planning on offering the drivers an alternative to the Diesel and petrol consuming cars, then this might be better for the future and also for the environment. This could also reduce the pollution a lot and cut it down back. So it looks at the moment as an ideal deal, to be honest.

“While there is this partnership that we are now seeing, it is indeed for us and for them a big step forward that we are taking together in order to advance electrification on the Uber platform. Now that everyone already knows about it, it is important to note that when a person owns an electric vehicle, then it is not that easy to maintain.

It is still more than often more way more expensive than a traditional gas-powered vehicle,” said Andrew Macdonald in a statement. He is the SVP of mobility and business operations.

However, this is a fact that people need to remember if they are opting for an electric vehicle. The maintenance of such a vehicle is different and difficult. So you need to think about that too. We hope that this becomes more generalized in a way that makes it easier. That’s all for now. We will be sure to keep you updated on the news.