5 Best Tweakbox Alternatives In 2024

Tweakbox is a third party app store. It is an app store where you can download iOS devices for free.Apart from providing applications for free, it also provides tons of hacked, modified, premium, and tweaked applications and games, absolutely free to download.

TweakBox has tons of features that make it a very popular choice among users. Some features are no jailbreaking, simple to use, unlimited app, and great support from the team.

There are many alternatives to Tweakbox. However, finding an app that is exactly the same as Tweakbox, is quite difficult. There are many alternatives, but all are not as worthy as Tweakbox. And it’s even more painful when we want the correct app without much difficulty and also without jailbreaking the device.

Best Tweakbox Alternatives In 2024

Thus, the best 10 alternatives apps that are an exact match of Tweakbox are mentioned below:-

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1. AppValley 

The website was found in May 2017. It serves as an alternative app store for the mobile operating system, that allows users to download applications. In simple words, it provides users the ability to download different tweaks “++”, games, and premium app versions at no cost, absolutely free. It doesn’t require any registration. This site is available for both IOS and Android.

Features of APPVALLEY are mentioned below:-

1. is easy to install comparatively to other apps.
2. It is very user-friendly.
3. Flexible and easy for beginners to access.
4. Available in both Android and iOS.
5. No need to register. And does not ask if you’ve already installed Cydia.
6. There are plenty apps and games in this.
7. It has a massive collection of 3rd party games and apps.
8. You’ll get notified of what is updated regularly.

2. Zestia Step

This app considers itself as the world’s number one app. It is the best alternative to Tweakbox. It can be used without jailbreaking iPhone. It is completely free of cost and doesn’t ask for any payment. It contains thousands of tweaked ++apps as well as many hack games.

Some features of Zestia step are as follows:-

1. Completely free of cost.
2. It is an open source app installer.
3. No jailbreaking required.
4. Offers apps from different categories.
5. Best alternative of Tweakbox and AppValley

Steps to download Zestia Step are as follows:-

Step 1: Open the Safari browser and tap on the Zestia download button and install it. A pop-up message will appear like “open this app in iTunes.” Tap on open.

Step 2: Now tap on install button. Tap again on the install button. Now press on done. You are now able to use the app.

3. TutuApp

This is a third-party app store for both Android and iOS. It is a site that allows installing of thousands of apps and games for free. It also has an upcoming version known as TUTUAPP VIP and it will provide some extra features like support access to exclusive apps, more games with no ads.

Some of many features are as follows:

1. Download free games and apps.
2. It also supports Wi-Fi and mobile data.
3. No login and root required.
4. It also supports multi-downloading simultaneously.

Steps to download:-

Step 1: Download TUTUAPP. Go to settings- toggle on “unknown sources”.

Step 2: Give the necessary permissions to the app.Once the installation is completed click on “done”.

4. Appeven

It is an app store that is mainly made for iOS user, whenever they want to download apps or any games that are not available on app Store. It is an app installer that is perfect tool to install modified and advanced app and features in your iPhone without the need of jailbreaking your device.

It is very user friendly and the interface is design to be extremely easy and friendly to navigate by the users. Moreover it contains everything that Cydia has and also a lot more that too without the need of jailbreaking.

Some extraordinary features of this app installer are as follows:-

1. No apple ID required.
2. No jailbreaking.
3. Get apps absolutely free of cost, even the paid ones.
4. Simple and easy-to-use.
5. Installation is very easy

Steps to download:-

Step 1: Open the browser and click on the link mentioned above. Click on the download button.

Step 2: An app when the page will open find the link to download the profile on your iOS device and click it.

Step 3: While tapping on the “install”, it will ask you to type your phone’s passcode.Finally click on “install APPEVEN” option. Confirm by clicking install in the window and settings app will open once again.

5. Mojo Installer 

It is an unofficial app store that offers all the apps that are available in Apple App Store. We get all the apps free of cost.

Steps to download MojoInstaller:-

Step 1: Firstly, open the Safari browser and tap on the download button. Now click on install, and it gets installed on the iPhone. Now when the settings app has opened, click on the link to install the profile and password.

Step 2: Now click on the link to install and then again click on install. Now, click on done and Mojo will be installed on your device.

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All of these are the best alternative to Tweakbox which you can use to download millions of apps free of cost and without worrying about jailbreaking.