Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed in Surprise Attack

30 Russian helicopters are said to have been downed by Ukrainian forces in an airfield attack in the seized city of Kherson.

“An airstrip in Kherson has been shelled by the Ukrainian military in the dark of night. A portion of the occupiers’ fleet was deployed there. Thirty enemy helicopters, as well as their crews and equipment, were wiped out “According to the Ukrainian news source Ukrinform, the Marine Command of Ukraine made the announcement via Facebook.

Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed in Surprise Attack

As yet, neither Russia nor any of its Armed Forces have Verified the Attack.

According to a Google translation, “the morning in Ukraine for Russian evil spirits does not start with coffee,” as stated in a Marine Corps article.

Kherson, a strategically important port city on the Black Sea, was taken over by Russian forces last week, becoming the first major Ukrainian city to fall to the Russian invasion.

Russian forces have taken control of the port city of Mariupol, as Moscow’s troops spread through southern Ukraine.

Also in southern Ukraine, the Marine Command described two separate attacks by Ukrainian forces on Russian forces near Mykolaiv.

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At least three enemy convoys were destroyed in the vicinity of Mykolaiv on Sunday and “trophies” were taken including a substantial amount of ammunition, wheeled equipment, and seven D-20 howitzers, according to a statement.

“We express our gratitude to all those who are currently guarding our residences in Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Odessa, keeping our families safe as other members of the military prevent the Russian invasion from reaching those areas. Regardless of the odds, Ukraine is going to pull through. Ukraine, you’re the best! “It went on for a while.

Russia has been Shocked

military analysts believe Russia has been shocked by the strong Ukrainian resistance. However, despite the Russian military’s vast superiority in weaponry, an enormous convoy marching into the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, remained mired down due to logistical difficulties and low morale.

As of last week, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported losing close to 500 soldiers since invading Ukraine, although Ukraine estimates Russian casualties to be in the thousands.

President Volodymyr Zelensky recently declared that Ukraine must go on the offensive against Russian invaders, prompting the most recent round of conflict.

A video posted to his official Instagram profile shows him saying that “every metre of our Ukrainian territory won by protest and humiliation of the invaders is a step forward, a step towards triumph for our entire state.”

“Ukrainians, this is a chance to life. Feel it in every one of our cities where the enemy has made an inroad. Activate the counterattack. You must fight.

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He also Foresaw the Repercussions of a Russian invasion being Successful, as well.

He retorted, ” “To avoid the establishment of new DPRs (Donetsk People’s Republic) and LPRs (Luhansk People’s Republics) in which normal life is impossible, you must go out and expel this evil from our towns. Only a life of servitude, and only on one’s knees.”