Steam Screenshot Folder

From sharing winning game news ,to just some academic related information, be it a bug reporting ,or a solution of any device related issue provided on any website, we mostly take help of Screenshots. Anything whatever we think is important or will be of use later. We try to keep it safe, mostly by clicking screenshots.

Such a screenshot taking process is way easier on mobile phones where we just need to swipe the screen vertically down with three fingers and the picture is in our gallery. But on PC it’s a little difficult. Clicking a screenshot is, well, easy as it just can be done by tapping over the F2 button which is the default key.

Steam Screenshot Folder

Though, the difficult part remains with finding the image taken. Locating a picture is easy only when you know the exact directory.

Steam is a gaming platform. Here, you can snap in screenshots anytime between games but may not be able to find that. The picture taken can be found through two ways:-one is through screenshot manager and other is through accessing the screenshot folder physically.

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Method 1: Screenshot Manager

Steam Client can be used for viewing all the pictures/screenshots taken in the game using screenshot manager.

This screenshot can be accessed through screenshot by following steps:

Step 1: At first, open your steam window .Click over the VIEW, present on the upper left alongside other dropdowns.

Step 2: Then, under VIEW click over screenshots.

You can upload any desired picture on Steam or any social media platform. Also, if you want to access that through your hard drive ,simply click the [Show on disk] option. Even, delete option is present here, if you want to remove screenshots permanently from the hard drive.

Method 2: Accessing The Screen Folder Physically

Each and every user has his own screenshot folder present and that pictures taken during games are saved physically. The position of this screenshot folder is at the same place where steam is currently installed.

The default location is local disk C. Open your drive and type :- C:\ Programfiles (x86) \ Steam \ userdata\ <youurSteamID> \ 760 \ remote\ <app – ID> \ screenshots.

Also if you are trying to access your screenshot folders in other operating system , here are some location for different operating systems:

macOS screenshot folder:    Users/*Username*/Library/Application Support/Steam

Linux screenshot folder:  ~/.local/share/Steam

How To Find Your Steam ID?

For accessing the screenshot through method 2 ,you need to know your Steam ID. IF you don’t know /remember your steam id, you can get that by opening Stream Client and following some steps given below:

Step 1: Firstly, open Steam Client.

Step 2: Next, tap over VIEW and click Setting.

Step 3: Then, go over the interface and check and save the box having written “Display steam URL address when available.”

Step 4: After that ,go over Steam Profile and click View profile.

Note the number at the end in the URL, that is STEAMID.

Now, as you got this simply, scroll up and locate your screenshots through this. Also, now steam folders can be located at different places in different operating systems ,like in macOS ,Linux etc.

How To Find Steam Screenshot Folder On Mac

In Mac,it is only a little bit different from WINDOWS, with change in installation directory only and all the other steps remain the same.

The default directory in MAC is:  Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam.

IN the place of username, put your MAC username and not the steam one. Choose the particular game you need, by searching for it under the user folder, using the game ID. Now, trace the “screenshots” and get all images at one place altogether.

How To Find Steam Screenshot Folder On Linux

If you use Linux, the default directory is :   ~/.local/share/Steam

After getting into the user data directory ,find your user folder and then enter in your <gameid> folder. Finally, click over screenshots.

This way you can access screenshots.

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At last,the steam platform is great for gaming experience with all the fancy and necessary properties to enhance the user involvement.

For the difficult part of locating screenshots ,our article provides all the information required. We believe this article proved to be helpful and informative in finding your Steam screenshots folder and also accessing the images, in WINDOWS 10,MACOS and LINUX.