Netflix Rolling Out Spatial Audio Support on iPhone and iPad

Netflix has confirmed the fact that they are now rolling out Spatial Audio support to its iPhone and iPad applications. So what does this mean? It means that now they are enabled to an immersive experience that will be using directional audio filters. This has been coming for a long time to the Network users.

Apple has made a comment on the fact that spatial audio is an immersive experience that will be using the directional audio filters to “play sounds virtually anywhere in space, creating a very pleasant and beautiful sound experience.” This will put surround channels exactly in the right spot, even as you move your device or turn your head, it will sound almost perfect to you.

Netflix Rolling Out Spatial Audio Support on iPhone and iPad

Here is how they have described the working of the gadget feature:

“Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking will bring you the entire movie theatre experience right to your AirPods Pro. Because of the use of directional audio filters, you can also subtly adjust the frequencies of sound in each of the ear receives that you have. This will therefore enable the spatial audio that can actually play and place the sounds virtually anywhere in space. This will create an immersive and beautiful sound experience wherever you go. The use of the gyroscope and accelerometer in your AirPods Pro and your iPhone are going to come in handy. The spatial audio will be tracking the motion of your head as well as your device. It will then compare the motion data, and then remaps the sound field in order to make sure that it stays anchored to your device even as your head, or body or your device moves around.”

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

If you don’t get to see Spatial Audio option in the Netflix app,then please go and update your app to the latest version from the App Store . Continuing to check on the options arrival for the following weeks is all that we are going to be doing. Do keep on that countdown ready.