9 Social Media Tools Every Content Creator Needs

In our digital world, social media posts play an important role in promoting any business or product. The first thing you need to create an attractive and eye-catching post is the use of the best professional tool.

If you are also a social media creator and look for the best tool that suits your needs, you are at the best place. Here we will discuss some best tools you can use to create professional videos and other content for your social media accounts. So let’s get started.

9 Social Media Tools Every Content Creator Needs

Below, we have mentioned a list of the top 9 Social Media Tools Every Content Creator Needs. You can choose any tool to give a try accounting to your need. Have a look at them.

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1. Canva

Our first social media tool in this list is Canva. This one is a very useful and the most popular tool amongst social media creators. It allows users to create various images in HD quality by using different templates, design elements, and layouts.

It is available in both paid and unpaid versions. You can choose according to your needs. Free version has limited features, while the paid version provides a lot of useful features. You can buy its paid version for €11.99 as a monthly charge.

This paid version can be used by 5 people, and if you want a tool for business needs, then you can use its pro version, which is a little expensive.

First of all, search for its library to find out the best templates, then use them in a customized way to create Graphics. You can also use the social media dedicated section to Create Graphics for your social media needs.

2. Crello

Our next tool in this list is Crello which is much similar to Canva. It allows users to create mind-blowing graphics for professional social media influencers. You don’t need to be a pro in graphic designing to create Graphics on this tool.

There is one thing in this tool that is better than Canva is that it provides more than 30,000 templates, 32,000 videos, 15,000 illustrations, 180 million photos for free of cost.

This tool can be used by a team of 10 people to design and add music to it. This tool is available for free of cost with limited features, and if you want to access more paid features, you can buy its paid version at $9.99 as a monthly charge.

Just click on the ‘Create’ tab to choose a good design template that best suits your needs. Then select the option design template then save your work and share it on your social media.

3. Hashtagify.me

Hashtagify.me is another best tool dedicated to our social media creators, which makes it easy to search for the best most popular hashtags to be used in your posts. It is available for free of cost, while you will have to pay to access its paid version.

You just have to search for a particular hashtag, and it will tell you about its popularity and how to use it. It is an easy-to-use tool. You have to type any hashtag on the search box which you are looking for then search for it.

This tool will show you all the information about that hashtag, including its performance, popularity, and much more, so that the user can decide whether this hashtag is suitable for the post or not. If you want an alert for any hashtag or want to know more about it quickly then you can buy its paid version.

4. Grammarly

Our next tool in this list is Grammarly which is mainly dedicated to content writers as it is used for writing needs. This one is a spell-check and grammar-check tool that you can use to have error-free written content. You can use this content to copy-paste it on Gmail or to post any written content on social media.

It can also be used to create an error-free verbal speech. It simply scans all your text with the help of AI called Artificial Intelligence to find out all kinds of grammatical mistakes in your content. By regular use of this tool, you can build good writing skills as it properly shows all your grammatical mistakes and suggestions to correct them.

5. Typeform

Our next site in this list is Typeform which is one of the best options you can try to promote your brand or content on social media platforms. It is simply a quiz creator which you can use to create a dedicating quiz for your brand or content to know about your audience.

You will audience respond to your quiz, and you will get to know the exact taste of the audience so that you can decide which type of content you should post. It also attracts more audiences and builds interaction with them.

It allows you to build different questions, including images, short answers, yes or no type, and multiple-choice questions. 10 questions in a month are free, and you can buy its paid version for the rest.

6. Anchor

Now let’s move to another tool which is known as Anchor. It is very popular amongst podcast users. You can use this tool to create, distribute and monetize the podcast. All the features are available on this tool for free of cost. This tool integrates different social media platforms for audio.

The easiest distribution of this site is with the Spotify application having a mind-blowing audio quality so that you can analyze your podcast performance by using these sites and applications. Using this app, people can easily create their audio or video content to share on social media.

7. PowToon

PowToon is another most widely used tool for social media creators. Many creators use expensive tools to create such kinds of videos for their social media platforms which look too contrived without any watermark on them. But these tools are too expensive and drain all the budget of a small creator.

To use the PowToon tool, there is no need to be a professional video creator to create outstanding videos for your social media platforms. It can be used to create engaging and presentation type of videos to interact with your audience.

You can choose any template from various options according to your need. Free and paid versions are available. The paid versions can be chosen from $19 to $99 as a monthly charge.

8. Animoto

Now let’s move to our next tool in this list which is Animoto. It allows you to create mind-blowing multimedia without any professional skills in it. You have to give it a little effort and a few minutes, and you can create awesome video slideshows by using your images and video clips.

You can build any video with a scratch, or you can choose any template from their tool. It offers both free and paid versions to the users. You can either choose to continue their free version or buy their plan at €28 or €69 as a monthly charge.

9. Placeit

Now let’s end our list with the last tool, which is Placeit. This one is specially designed for companies who want to digitally show their brand or any product in a realistic kind of web/video format.

It is not available for free of cost, and you can buy its paid version by investing a few dollars in it. You can either choose the monthly plan at $14.95 or the annual plan at $89.69 as per your needs and requirements.

You can easily create videos by using this tool. You just have to look for the desired environment for your product then enter the URL or image to get a screenshot. This tool will set your image in your desired environment. So that you can promote your product on social media.

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So here we have completed our list of the top 9 tools which can be used by social media creators to create professional content for their accounts. You can pick any of them which best suits your needs best suited for your product and platform. I hope you will find this helpful. Thank you for reading it till the end!