How Do Sneaker Proxies Work?

When new editions of limited stocks of sneakers are released, the goal of every Sneakerhead is to acquire as many sneakers as possible. Initially, the manufacturers do not allow one person to buy more than a single pair of these stocks which leaves the Sneakerhead in a dilemma that needs remedying.

Enters sneaker proxies. For many years now, sneaker proxies have been the one tool that makes multiple buying of limited sneaker editions not only possible but easy as well. Sneakerheads can now sit behind a proxy and purchase as many pairs of sneakers as they can afford without dealing with the many obstacles put in place by the manufacturers.

This is because sneaker proxies, just like any other type of proper proxy, can comfortably and conveniently handle obstacles and make the process a very seamless one.

How Do Sneaker Proxies Work

How Do Proxies Work?

A proxy is a machine that can be used to give a client security, privacy, and anonymity. They serve as intermediary media when an internet user needs an extra layer to shield him/her from the rest of the internet.

Proxies work by sitting anywhere between the client’s device and the web to convey connections in a safe, secure, and anonymous manner. They are generally equipped with their internet protocol (IP) address, proxy pool, and locations and can select from any of these every time a user makes a new request.

The process can be summarized as follows:

  • Devices need an IP address to interact and connect with servers and websites
  • The IP address helps inform and direct the internet on where to send specific results.
  • On the negative side, the IP address can become what servers ban and what hackers attack
  • Using a proxy, a user can route his/her traffic through it and use its IP, proxy pool, and location
  • The connections can be easily sent and received via the proxy
  • This increases the security and protection of both the client and their data

The Sneaker Copping Process

Buying a sneaker is one thing and buying limited stocks of the latest sneaker editions is another. While regular sneaker sellers do not care how many sneakers you grab at a time (they will want you to purchase more to help them make more sales and revenue), manufacturers of limited editions of sneakers are all about one sneaker to one buyer.

To enforce this policy, they usually put several measures to detect when a user is trying to perform multiple purchases. One of such measures is the use of CAPTCHA tests and caches to identify IPs that have recently made a purchase. These mechanisms then block every IP that has already made a purchase and allow those to buy for the first time.

But sneaker copping is now a serious business that involves both retail shoe sellers and Sneakerheads all competing to win a much-coveted prize. And while one group wishes to flip the shoes to make more money, the other might want to restock their sneaker collection or purchase it for bragging rights.

To mitigate and overcome the many obstacles set by manufacturers, today’s sneaker copping process now involves sophisticated tools such as sneaker bots and sneaker proxies. The sneaker bot will help perform tasks faster – delivering requests and making purchases in about 0.2 seconds (something beyond human capacity) – and the sneaker proxy will help hide your IP, keep your activities undetected, and ensure the many anti-bot mechanisms do not flag down the bots.

Why Proxies Are Important For Sneaker Copping

Why Proxies Are Important For Sneaker Copping

Proxies have become a critical requirement for sneaker copping for the following reasons:

1. To Mask IP Address

For an activity such as shoe copping, the need to conceal one’s IP becomes even more important. The IP directs the internet to the device and hence the user, and once it is blocked, the user will find it impossible to revisit the target website.

Hiding the IP is therefore important to ensure that connection is smooth and continuous while also making sure the user is protected and safe.

2. To Sustain Bot Activities

Bots are quicker than humans and generally make sneaker copping easier and faster. However, they can easily get blocked; they are prone to failing the CAPTCHA test, which is rightly set to differentiate humans from bots.

Using a good sneaker proxy that switches and rotates IP addresses, proxies, and locations, therefore, helps to make the activities of the bot look more believable and, consequently, motivates the website to lift restrictions and disallow the usual tests.

3. To Bypass Geo-Restriction

While the manufacturers of these limited-edition sneakers are all about selling shoes, they usually do not sell to all places. Some geographical locations are restricted from accessing their websites or making purchases.

Sneaker proxies are usually how buyers in such locations switch locations to countries where sales are allowed and cop as many sneakers as they want.


There are several sneaker proxies; however, the best proxies for copping shoes are residential proxies. These proxies are designed to resemble real internet users with IPs tied to an actual physical location. This, therefore, makes it highly unlikely to be detected and blocked by the sellers.

Also, residential proxies are well equipped with millions of proxies, and they can easily pick and rotate proxies from such a large proxy pool and use them during every purchase. This makes it look like different users are making purchases at different times.

Hence, users can use any specialized sneaker proxy for sneaker copping, but residential proxies can bring the best results.