Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Berated Her While Playing …

Hayek recounts Weinstein saying to her, “I will murder you, don’t think I can’t,” when she rejected one of his several claimed requests.

Claims Under Wraps For a Long Period of Time

However, Hayek was able to keep the claims under wraps for a long period of time. Although numerous women have come forward with similar accusations of Weinstein’s alleged sexual assault, Hayek still assumed that no one would be interested in hearing her story even after the once-powerful mogul was thrown out of Hollywood.

Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Berated Her While Playing ...

As a result of the many times I was informed, especially by Harvey, that I was only a number, I thought that no one would care about my agony any more.

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Hayek says

While working on Miramax’s Frida, Hayek says Weinstein turned into a “monster” for her. He asked her to take a shower with him or let him watch her shower, he asked her to let a naked buddy of his do a massage, she was asked for oral sex, and she was asked to get naked with another lady. She alleges she had to turn down many of his sexual propositions.

Some of the requests he is said to have made were not sexual in character. One night, Hayek claims, Weinstein called her and demanded she sack her agent in the middle of the night. At the Venice Film Festival’s opening night honouring Frida, Weinstein began “literally tugging me out so I could hang out at his private party with him,” Hayek recalls.

Hayek Claims Weinstein

She claims Weinstein also put obstacles in Hayek’s path as she tried to get Frida—a film she both produced and appeared in—made.

A “bad faith” lawsuit against Weinstein was eventually necessary in order for Hayek to proceed with the film, she adds.

As Hayek explains, Weinstein issued her a new set of demands, requiring her to rewrite the script (for free), find $10 million in financing, and bring in a star director and star supporting cast to “clean himself legally, as I understood it.” In the end, Hayek did give, but Weinstein’s demands, she claims, continue.

Weinstein allegedly abused her and Frida director Julie Taymor, and then insisted that Hayek include a full-frontal nude sex scene with another woman into the picture, even though such a scene did not occur in the script.

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Hayek finally agreed, but when it came time to film the sequence, she says she had a “nervous breakdown” on set. According to her, she began throwing up when she realised she was going to film it purely to appease Weinstein, and eventually had to take a sedative to stop the tears but only made the vomiting worse. To put it another way, this was the only way I could make it through the scene, as you can understand.

Last Words

A best-actress nomination for Hayek was one of six Oscar nods for the film, despite extra hurdles allegedly put in place by Weinstein.