Redmi Note 11 Global Launch

If you are someone who is looking at the Redmi Note 11 global launch for some time then you might know that the launch had been done in the China country for some time ago. Well, we have seen images, and we have got a pretty good idea of the hardware and the looks and uses of the phone.

But it seems that Redmi is going to surprise all of us with new changes in the phone that is going to come out in the global launch. The best thing to do here is to wait, but we can not, we are very impatient, so we did a little digging around the rumor, and it seems that they are changing the hardware and the look of the phone slightly than the ones that are currently already on sale in China.

Redmi Note 11 Global Launch

The battery capacity and the camera arrangement seem to be a lot different than the phones that are circulating in China. The color options of the phone is also going to differ by a whole lot.

That’s it, guys. We are all set and ready to receive this new phone which looks and sounds very promising, we are not going to lie. We know that Redmi will deliver the best of the phones at a very reasonable rate too. We are all eagerly waiting for it.

The launch, or rather the global launch, is supposed to be on the 26th of January this year, so we are looking forward to it.

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Of course, no one outside China had got their hands on the new models, so we can not tell you a lot about the phone’s software and how it works. We have just seen the hardware and the phone’s look, and that seems to differ. So that is all that might be under our basket of information right now.