7 Best Free Presentation Software In 2024

Are you looking for free perfect presentation software to give a perfect look to your presentation slides as well as to show attractive video clips with text, pictures, sound in it.

Then today we are going to share with you the information of those seven best presentation software using which you can impress people by making your presentation beautiful and attractive and which is free as well as provide excellent services and provide facilities to share with people by creating your presentation in a great way.

7 Best Free Presentation Software In 2024

Presentation software is a computer program. This software presents your display information in slides and you can do any editing you want in it. Presentations in this manner are being used in various fields.

Especially in business plans, electronic presentations are mainly included in marketing and conferencing places.

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1. Google Slides

Google Slides is a very popular and free presentation program or software offered by Google that allows you to connect your files to a stable Internet connection anywhere. Which presents your ideas with different types of decoration and shine including various presentations like themes, embedded videos, hundreds of fonts, animations.

Its features include slide design, AutoSaved, charts, presenter tools, template creator, templates library etc. This app is supported on systems like Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Blackberry, Chrome OS etc.

It is included in the web-based Google Docs editor offered by Google. You can share each of your presentations and projects with your friends and colleagues in real time. It is limited for the file size which is a minor drawback of it.

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a useful slideshow presentation application that provides users with the option to present and present their presentation ideas.  Here you can quickly and easily create presentations and share them with people.

It makes it possible to create impressive documents with a variety of features. Its features include slide design, autosave, presenter tools, charts, template creator, template library etc.

YouTube video embedding is also available for experienced users. This software has 2 drawbacks.  First, the file gets damaged quickly by the virus and second, it takes little cost to open long files.

3. Prezi

It is a video presentation software using which you can create and present attractive visuals in minutes.  By adding slides of your choice, you can do many editing in it including text, fonts, color, audio. After the presentation file is complete, you can share the file with loved ones or record it to go live using your favorite video conferencing tool such as for business students or educators.

The basic license of Prezi app is free for every user. It uses a large canvas instead of slides which allow users to zoom and pan different parts of the canvas as well as make presentations. It supports the use of video, text, and images. You can easily zoom out and drag.

4. Keynote

It is a presentation tool that is capable of providing slide-making programs like facilities.  It is very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Keyone is developed by Apple Inc. as a part of the iWork productivity suite. You can grab the attention of people by making a moving, zooming presentation. This is a free version app for Mac, iOS users.

Features include slide design, presenter tool, charts, autosave, template library, template creator etc. A new version of the Keynote was announced by Apple on January 27, 2010. Version 10 of Key Note for Mac was released in March 2020 with the latest major updates. Keynote provides the opportunity to create presentations between Mac and iOS devices.

5. Visme

This is also another presentation software or application that provides users a place and offers to create beautiful and interactive presentations and infographics. This is a free service for professionals and designers who are interested in presentation creativity.  It gives you up to 100MB of storage space and you can also publish your presentations online.

Its various features include reports interface, steps to answers, dashboards, graphs & charts, slide design, presenter tools, etc. It is a very perfect platform for graphics design. You can create your favorite presentations, files, reports using it. Visme is not accessible on Android devices.

6. Xtensio

Xtensio is a software using which it is possible to create, represent and share an amazingly beautiful document presentation for business, communications. It offers an interactive template along with being a great presentation tool.  Its free version allows only one user profile.

Users find it has 1MB of storage space which is a better solution for a single person team. It helps to create students, professional artists, agencies to increase organizational productivity.  It also offers free trial with limited features.

7. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is online presentation software that provides a free platform for users to design professional slides, collaborate with teams, and deliver visually engaging presentations.  It has more than 100 professional templates available. You can create and professionally share colorful presentations anytime, anywhere.

Its features include slide design, autosave, charts, presenter tools, template creator, template library, etc. It offers a wide range of slide designs. Zoho is a cloud-based product that is a better option for international teams working on a single project as it is available in more than 10 languages.

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We have shared a list of all those popular and most useful presentation software with you. Also discussed in detail about every one and also told everything about the features of the tools. Now you can choose and use any software as per your choice.

These are all great software alternatives. You can try all at once through a free trial. The project affects by presentation software. Let’s quickly capture your favorite screen, add additional context and share with others easily.