5 Best Photo Editing Software

When it comes to pictures, to get a perfect shot, we sometimes prefer using photo editing software. This software transforms a dull-looking photograph into a picture that looks like it’s being clicked by a professional photographer. Pictures can be focused and get highlighted on the key features.

But what if you’re a struggling photographer who wants to select the best photo editing software for your photographs. No need to worry, we have some of the awesome collection of editing software that helps in bringing life to the photographs.

5 Best Photo Editing Software

The top five most used and loved editing software are listed below,

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1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is professional editing software that is used the majority of the time by professional photographers. No one can ignore the awesomeness of this software. Adobe itself is one of the most recommended and used software by professionals for a number of tasks. This software brightens up the photographs if it comes out to be dark or crumble some.

The software is beginner-friendly software. Hence, if you’re new to this profession, you can use the software without much difficulty.The interface is well structured and organized with all types of options and features available. All types of basics and advanced editing tools are available on the horizontal tab at the top.

You can smoothly adjust and edit your photos with features like lens correction, split toning, effects, and other such features. If you want to buy the subscription you can take both Lightroom and Photoshop software for $9.99.

2. Skylum Luminar

This software has grown into popularity in a very less time. Today it is highly popular among photographers and is giving a good competition to Adobe. It offers a good collection of built-in editing tools to the users.

The interface of Skylum is very similar to Lightroom. Hence, if you’re familiar with Lightroom you can easily use Skylum. It can be used as both a photo editor and organizer.

It covers a wide range of photography, from professional, Black and White, and Aerial photography to subtle, portrait, and street style photography. With the AI slider, the software automatically tries fixing the flaws in the photograph.

Basic features like brightening, toning, adding effects, etc, are available. Skylum comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can subscribe to it by paying a one-time fee.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a God of all photo editing software. With an easy-to-use and simple interface, the website has gained a lot of endorsement in the past few years. For beginners, it’s a perfect tool. It has so many basic as well as advanced tools available that contribute to perfect photography.

You can create a workspace for yourself on this platform by organizing it with your most-used tools and removing the rest.

This software is also helpful for graphic designers. By adding filters, colors, and touch-ups you can produce the best photographs out of your skills. You can buy the subscription for $9.99. In this, you’ll get an additional Adobe Lightroom software.

4. Capture On

This software also contributes to generating the best editing tools for photographers. The software also has basic features available just like any other software.

Features like toning, adjustments, cropping, adding effects and filters, blurring the background, brightening, etc are available here. Depending on your camera, Capture one comes with different subscription plans.

  • Fujifilm – $9.99/month + $129 for one time license.
  • Sony – $9.99/month + $129 for one time license.
  • Nixon – $9.99/month + $129 for one time license.

5. ON1 Photo Raw

This is very easy and comes out to be helpful software for beginners. Unlike other software, this one comes with a free trial. The software provides video tutorials for the users who are new to it. You can produce your own workspace depending on the tools you use. Features like,

  • Variety in filters
  • Textures and borders
  • Line adjustment and preview
  • Application of effects
  • Easily downloadable for any device

The software is very helpful in producing the brightest and highly professional-looking photographs. It comes with a monthly subscription of $15.99 which offers 1TB of cloud storage. The yearly subscription starts at $89.99/ year (200 GB storage) and 179.99/year (1TB storage).

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These are some of the popular choices for photo editing. Although they assist a lot in photo editing, but it’s the skills that eventually matters. You need to first have a good command over editing skills. Then only you can use Photo Editing software. Although you can learn while you use the software as well.