Top 5 Personal Finance Software in 2024

Technology has solutions for almost everything. With a busy lifestyle these days, it’s hard to keep a track of your finances efficiently. To assist you with this, technology has given rise to personal finance software.

Personal finance software performs the function of maintaining a record of your financial condition, expenses, savings, budgets, and plans related to future expenditure. They make you aware of your money-related situation and you can spend or save accordingly.

Top 5 Personal Finance Software in 2024

This article tells you everything about the top 5 personal finance software to aid you financially.

1. Quicken

Quicken could be your one-stop destination with respect to everything coming under finances. From creating a budget plan to paying your bills, it can be used for a number of purposes. You can view the balance of your account and set your limit of spending according to that.

You can also view your transaction history to keep a track of the expenditure. It also lets you know about the investment performance. You may export the list on Excel where you can edit it if you want to.

Some of its key features include being able to pay the bills, accepting rental payments, and the ability to calculate net worth. It supports various platforms and charges a fee for usage. Overall, it serves as great personal and professional financial software.

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2. Mint

Mint is a fantastic software that allows you to manage your expenses as well as advises to make strong budget plans. It gives you a record of your monthly expenditure as well as credit card transactions. It suggests the amount you can earmark for spending money on stuff like food, petrol, outings, and other things.

You can set a reminder for payment of bills and alerts for a low balance. Mint is a secure place for holding all your accounts and keeping data of your financial condition.

3. Mvelopes

Mvelopes is a quite interactive and simple budgeting application. It uses the ‘traditional envelope system’ in digital format, where you put a certain amount of money for a specific function in a virtual envelope.

It requires you to pay a fee for accessing the features.  You can set your financial goals through this envelope system according to your income and needs.

It gives you the record of how much you have spent from a particular envelope, so you can cut back if you have a low balance left. In nutshell, Mvelopes is a great option to explore your financial status and act accordingly.


If your goal is to keep a track of your monthly expenditure and manage your expenses along with making a space for savings, YNAB is a perfect choice.

It makes reports of your income, balance, savings, and disbursements. It also acts as your personal financial adviser by suggesting budget plans and setting up rules to follow if you are in the habit of overspending.

You have to pay a monthly or annual amount for using the application but it also offers a 34-day free trial. It is superb software for expanding your savings along with enjoying your financial privileges.

5. FutureAdvisor

FutureAdvisor is like your online financial advisor at an affordable rate. It guides you through your investments and automatically manages them.

You need to have invested at least 5000$ before you can access the features of this app. It has an impressive interface and offers a user-friendly environment. Using this, you can also talk or chat with financial advisors for the right suggestions and plans to follow.

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Any personal finance software enables you to enhance your knowledge about finances and manage your expenses in the right way. They give you budgeting and saving lessons to limit your expenditure if you are running low on balance.

The above-mentioned software like Mint, Quicken, YNAB, and others are the best software you can use for this purpose, instilled with variable features. You can use any of these according to your needs.