Olympic Skateboarding Horigome Soars And Huston Stumbles

In TOKYO Skateboarding has been admitted to the Olympics because of its global popularity and the fact that it has its roots in the streets, the exhilaration of youth, and an embrace of all forms of culture.

Olympic Gold Medalists can be Found Just a Few Blocks Away.

In an empty, blazing skatepark over eight miles from his home in Tokyo, 22-year-old Yuto Horigome won a gold medal for street skateboarding on Sunday.

Olympic Skateboarding Horigome Soars And Huston Stumbles

Due to pandemic precautions, the venue’s grandchildren were left vacant, but the most enthusiastic applause he received was from the volunteer army in Ariake Urban Sports Park.

Impact of Success

Nevertheless, success will have an impact. Even though Ryota, Horigome’s father, lived only a few miles away and had originally taught Yuto to ride, was terrified, he couldn’t watch the race in person. He rode his bicycle out of the family’s third-floor apartment with the help of an instantly recognisable neighbour.

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After a while, his phone was inundated with messages and phone calls. He was aware of what that meant.

Yuto emerged victorious. There is a gold medal skateboarder on the street in Japan, where skateboarding is still an undefeated and often illegal activity.

Where he was Born

To describe the location where he was born and began skateboarding, Horigome referred to the Koto ward, which comprises his family’s home and the skateboarding facility. My mind is still reeling from the fact that I’m in Rio for the Olympics. “It’s an honour to serve the residents of the Koto ward.”

Success for Horigome was not unexpected. Since then, he has won the World Championship in Rome and is anticipated to medal at the Olympics.

Nyjah Huston, The Most Famous Skateboarder in the Competition, is of Particular Concern.

Sunday’s four consecutive falls by Huston dashed his chances of adding an Olympic medal to his super duper trophy at home. He came in eighth place.

Many of the top competitors appear to be dominated by their roots, making clean landings difficult to come by. Huston acknowledged the pressure he’s under, but he said trying out new techniques is risky.

The trick he practised all week, a “Caballero kickflip backside lipslide with a fakie 360 flip,” kept going wrong. Its performance in an Olympic final was the difference between a medal and an apology. It is said to be challenging.

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Last Words

It was Huston’s own fault, he said. “I know I’ve let a few folks down, and I’m not afraid to admit it. But, you know, I’m only human. In other words, we’re a bunch of skateboarding dudes. Despite our best efforts, we aren’t always successful in our endeavours. A lot of work goes into it. for the record. ”

Even while Huston’s absence from the podium was a shock, it opened the door for fellow American Jagger Eaton to take home the bronze medal ahead of Brazil’s Kelvin Hoefler.