How To Fix Nvlddmkm.Sys Error On Windows 10

Nvlddmkm.sys error occurs on windows 10. There can be many names of this error like video_Tdr_failure. It is a juncture between the NVIDIA graphics and the system. This error is for this graphic card.

This error can prevent you from accessing or playing a video or a game. In this article i will guide you how to resolve this error, the causes of the error and what this error is all about.

What Is Nvlddmkm.sys? 

Before jumping onto what the error means, let’s get an insight into what is TDR.TDR means Timeout, Detection, Recovery. It handles the NVIDIA graphics card. When there is TDR failure, there is a delay in loading of a particular video or BSOD may display.


BSOD stands for Blue Screen Of Death. The error occurs due to TDR failure. This error mainly flashes on PCs of those who have recently updated to windows 10 or have got a new driver downloaded in PC.

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What Failed Nvlddmkm.sys?

The causes behind the nvlddmkm sys error could be many:

  • Driver conflicts
  • Overheating
  • Wrong memory timing
  • Corrupted drivers
  • Bad voltage
  • Problems with graphics card
  • Power supply issues
  • RAM
  • Improper temperature.

Sometimes, the device take it as if the graphics card is not working properly, the reason being the low frame rate. And as i mentioned earlier, this card is being handled by TDR-Timeout, Detection, and Recovery. The computer flashes a message saying something is wrong with the card and that they are unsure about it.

This error is very cryptic and not just a simple fault. This will put you in dilemma about what to do and what not to do with this error and you must be worrying about what should be your next course of action. Worry not, by the end of this article, you will be well equipped with the knowledge of the error and its solutions.

This error may make your screen black  for few seconds and then flas a message. You could try going back once and again try to reload. If it is still occurring, you need to follow some solutions mentioned below. This could occur while watching a movie or a video, playing a game or even while you are trying to login.

The Back Screen of Death may also appear. Let’s move forward and look for the solutions.

How Do I Fix Nvlddmkm.sys Error?

I am mentioning a few solutions, you need not to try them all. You could just try them one by one or start from the one you are comfortable with and keep trying until the error resolves. You will surely find at least one of them which will work best for you!

You could try installing the Nvidia graphics driver clean, rename and copy the file in which the error occurs, update the nvidia graphics driver, check memory modules, deactivate system overclocking, get a more powerful power supply or use the functionality of the utility CHKDSK.

Before trying these steps,you could try power rebooting your system. Just reboot the computer more than two times and check if the error still persists.

TDR plays a very important role in controlling the appearance of black screen of death and it also manages the driver and GPU. If these methods didn’t worked for you, let’s look at other effective solutions.

Alternatives To Fixing The Error Nvlddmkm.sys

Here they are-

Solution 1: Nvidia Graphics Driver Clean Install

The nvidia graphics driver can definitely be a reason behind the error. It can get corrupted or malwared and hence result in TDR issues. this also results in BSOD. To solve this issue, we can try reinstalling the graphics driver and check if the fault is removed.

Step 1: First, get the display driver uninstaller downloaded in your device. It is also called DDU.

Step 2: Set the mode according to your preference. I prefer the normal mode. you can also select from the safe or networking ones. Once you have selected the mode, hit the launch tab.

Step 3: To keep the device secure, a password for Windows is much needed. Pin does not work in these cases. if you don’t have a Windows password, quit.

Step 4: There will be an option available on screen -Clean and restart, tap it.

Step 5: Once your display graphics card is uninstalled, the computer will start without the manual action.

Step 6: Next, we need to open a tab of useful system tools. For that get your hands on keyboard and press windows key and X button simultaneously. once done, a window will pop up, select device manager option.

Step 7: Further, click on action and then on scan to get updates about hardware’s changes.

Step 8: Finally, the computer will start scanning for all the updates associated with drivers and will notify you about all the automatic updates available.

Solution 2: Rename And Copy The File Nvlddmkm.sys

To start with this solution, first get the latest nvidia drivers installed on your computer.

Step 1: Navigate towards the folder C:/Windows/System32/drivers

Step 2: Look for the file named nvlddmkm.sys. There will be an option to rename the file, click on it and type nvlddmkm.sys. old. Next, click ok.

Step 3: Open the nvidia directory  in your computer and search for this file nvlddmkm.sys. Click on copy option and once copied, paste it in the desktop.

Step4: Afterwards, click on the windows button on the screen. In the search box, type cmd to open the command program.

Step 5: Further, you need to type some commands in the command window.

Type: chdir desktop and then hit the enter button.

Similarly, type expand.exe.nvlddmkm.sy_nvlddmkm.sys and again hit the enter button.

Step 6: Next, again copy your file from the desktop and paste it in the folder C:/Windows/System32/drivers. Once done, finally restart the computer and check if the error is still being encountered.

Solution 3: Update The Nividia Graphics Driver

If the two steps mentioned above-Nvidia graphics driver clean install and rename the file nvlddmkm.sys were not effective to resolve the error in you device.

The third solution could do that because it is possible that the graphics driver is itself not reliable or not working properly. There could be two solutions to get out of this issue: Either to get the driver updated by contacting manufacturer or you can get it done automatically too.

Getting the driver manually: to get the driver updated you need to contact the manufacturer and they will suggest you to visit them. Go to the manufacturer’s site and select the correct nvidia graphics driver.

Keep in mind to choose the one which is compatible to the windows and the latest version is mostly preferred. Sometimes, you need to even cancel the driver. So, be careful while choosing the driver and get a perfect one!

Automatic Updates

If you are not interested in getting the driver updated manually or don’t have enough time to visit the manufacturer and skills to select the right driver that fits your computer system, there is a saviour for you! You can get it updated automatically. Yes, you heard it right. there is an app called Driver easy.

It will automatically select the right drive update which is compatible to your windows and even with the nvidia card. The app will download and install the drive without popping any error or related issues. You just need to download the app.

How To Update?

Step 1: Download the driver app on the device which is easily available and install it.

Step 2: Next, open the app and click on the scan button. After you click the button, the app will scan all the drivers and find the problematic one.

Step 3: Look for the update button which will be right there after the nvidia device which is flagged. Click on the update button and the perfect version of driver will be downloaded automatically, you just need to install it by clicking on the install button.

Note: This process can be done through the free version also. You don’t need to purchase any version for updating and installing the right driver.

The only benefit of purchasing the version is that it will automatically download and install the right version of each driver and will also download those who are not on you device and the outdated ones gets updated too.

The pro version provides you full support and the guarantee of 30 days. If the driver is not working in any way, it will refund your money. So, you can choose the appropriate version according to your own convenience. The drivers or programs can also conflict which could create a problem.

If you get the new version downloaded, you need to delete the previous one otherwise the conflict will occur which will create crisis in computer. You can also update the old ones to avoid conflicts. There is a software called webcam installed in computers which could create such conflicts due to its integrated options.

There are drivers downloaded in your system by these softwares and if the error occurs, you have to delete these softwares like webcam by logitech and the drivers downloaded by them needs to get deleted too. You may check once if the error nvlldmkm.sys is still being encountered.

BSOD error also called black screen of death errors can occur due to corrupted RAM or hard drivers. So, we could check if these are the causes behind the error occurring in the system. For this, we need to go for disk check and check whether the RAM or hard drivers are corrupted.

Step 1: Go to the windows icon in the device and type cmd to run command program. You can also press the shortcut key to run it. Run it as admin. It will ask for administrator permission, just click yes for it.

Step 2: In the command prompt, type

Chkdsk/E C:

Once, you type it, press enter and after it gets prompted, type Y.

Step 3: The computer will automatically restart and will start doing disk check up. Wait until it gets done.

Another thing you can do is to do memory test. This will help you know if the issue is occuring is due to RAM. To do this, open the run command amd type

Mdsched.exe and afterwards, press enter. You can check for issues with RAM and the status of the memory card could also be checked then. There is a special tool also available for memory testing called memtest 86. You can get it installed easily to check the status.

Solution 4: Check Memory Modules

Sometimes, the memory strip of the PC can be the cause of nvlddmkm.sys error and hence the computer will not work properly.

It is always better if you use only one memory strip because using several memory strips simultaneously can cause an error. So, choose one memory strip. Now check once if the error still appears and if it is not, that means there was a problem with any memory strip you just disconnected.

Solution 5: Engage a More Powerful Power Supply

Electronic devices run from electricity. Right? And they need a sufficient amount of power to work properly. If your computer is unable to get enough amount of power from the source, the error nvlddmkm.sys could arise.

It is an effective method to connect device to a more powerful supply. This will surely eliminate the issue and the error will disappear.

Solution 6: Use The Utility CHKDSK

If any above mentioned solution was unable to remove this dysfunction, you could try using the functionality of CHKDSK. For this:

Step 1: Open command prompt by going to the windows icon and type cmd. Then, press enter. Alternative option is to press and hold window key and X key simultaneously.

Step 2: There will be a bar in command prompt where you could type. In that bar ,type

Chkdsk/f c and hit the enter button.

Step 3: The computer will start verifying the errors in the hard drive. Wait until the verification gets completed.

Solution 7: Deactivating System Overclocking

This solution is the last one but very effective one. There is artificial overclocking system in the computer which may lead to overheating of the system. This overheating could lead to nvlddmkm.sys error.

You can easily stop this overheating by switching off the overclocking system in BIOS. If you don’t have BIOS in your device,there are various softwares and programs for deactivating artificial overclocking.

Try again to access the media and check if you still come across the nvlddmkm.sys error. 

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I hope that any of these solutions must have worked for you. These are very simple and at the same time effective solutions. You must be not encountering the nvlddmkm.sys error now. If the nvlddmkm.sys error still occurs, it is always better to contact the customer care services for any kind of needed assistance.