Netflix Prices Goes Up in the U.S. and Canada

We all know about Netflix. It is a great streaming site that many people use worldwide. There are many shows and movies that you can enjoy. Even if you have never been on Netflix personally or have had any subscription, then also you know about these streaming services. It is that much talked about.

Well, there had been some bad news for the Netflix user in the United States and Canada this year. Just today, they have announced an increase in the price rate for the Streaming Services.

Netflix Prices Goes Up in the U.S. and Canada

If you are a Netflix user in the United States and Canada, then you might have to pay more now if you want to continue to enjoy the services that they have. The plans have been changed, and these are the new plans that they are going on with.

Basic Plan – It had gone up 1 dollar a month. This makes it 9.99 dollars per month. You can only have this on one device at a time. You can download or watch it online.

Standard Plan – The plan had gone up 1.50 dollars a month, and now it stands at 15.49 dollars per month. You can use Netflix on two devices at the same time at once. You will get High definition.

Premium Plan – This went up 2 dollars, and the current price stands at 19.99 dollars per month. This makes it the highest plan, and you can use it on 4 devices at once. The video quality is going to be Ultra HD.

That’s it. That concludes the plan. A lot of people are going to be upset by this. Well, we can see Where they are coming from. But Netflix is producing some of the most amazing shows that do require funds. So we can understand that situation. We would be paying the price of watching such brilliant shows, and we think that’s fair to both parties.