Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

The sequel to the Oscar-winning movie Call Me By Your Name, which debuted in 2017, was eagerly anticipated by many. As speculations spread, a lot of fans anticipated the release date with trepidation. How much longer would fans have to wait for more Italian romance and creative cinematography?

There is currently no official word on the potential release date for the sequel. Oliver, the movie’s star and Armie Hammier, made a quick remark about a future release. So, chronologically speaking, it doesn’t occur immediately after the first one.

The Girl Wearing Pearl Earrings (2003)

There’s a void. In order for the gap to make sense, Luca [the author of Call Me By Your Name] wants to wait till we age a little bit more.

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One Maurice (1987)

Maurice, which takes set in 1909, is the tale of two English students at Cambridge who accept their sexuality and then fall in love. Hugh Grant and James Wilby’s characters, Maurice Hall and Clive Durham, had to call it quits on their passionate but brief affair because homosexuality is not accepted in their culture.

Like in Call Me By Your Name, despite Clive’s affections, he proceeds to marry a woman, leaving Maurice to follow his heart and rebel against an oppressive Edwardian society.

I Am Love 2. (2009)

Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino’s Milan-based film depicts a very rich family that is well-liked throughout the city. Emma, who relocated from her native Russia to Italy with her husband to raise their three children.

But she feels as though a piece of her life is missing. Then, one day, Antonio, a gifted chef and friend of her kid, devastates her life with a whirlwind romance. In I Am Love, family and self-discovery are explored.

Will Emma allow this seductive romance to be the tipping point in the family’s already strained relationship or will she act as the responsible mother the family expects of her?

3. The Girl Wearing Pearl Earrings (2003)

The plot of the novel Girl with a Pearl Earring is based on the intriguing tale behind Johannes Vermeer’s most well-known painting of the same name.

After her father goes blind, the girl in the picture, Griet, played by Scarlett Johansson, starts working as a maid for Vermeer. Griet befriends the painter, but they decide to keep it a secret so as not to make his wife envious.

4. A Woman on Fire in a Portrait (2019)

Portrait of a Lady on Fire has amassed a sizable fanbase, similar to Call Me By Your Name. Painter Marianne is forced to portray the unwilling bride-to-be Hélose in a bridal portrait in Brittany, France, in the year 1760. She shows there under the pretext of camaraderie rather than presenting herself as a painter. By the light of the fire at night, Marianne paints the young woman while keeping watch over her during the day.

5. A View from Your Room (1985)

Two English women from the Edwardian era of England travel to Florence, Italy in this adaptation of the E.M. Forster novel. Lucy Honeychurch meets the particularly free-spirited George Emerson when she is travelling.

For Honeychurch, this is a welcome change from the constrictiveness of this English period. She is compelled to end the journey early and return home as her love for George Emerson increases.

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There are many movies that evoke the same feelings as Elio and Oliver did in the Oscar-winning Call Me By Your Name sequel, which may not be produced for many years. Even though the settings and eras of these movies differ, one thing remains true: love has the power to transform any situation.