M. C. Nechita Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

The Romanian boxer M. C. Nechita was born on August 15, 1993. At the 2020 Summer Olympics, she was a competitor in the women’s featherweight category.

Ramla Ali Outclassed By M. C. Nechita, Eliminated From Tokyo Olympics

When Ramla Ali entered the Tokyo Olympics arena, she did so as a historic figure.

Maria Claudia Nechita Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

After the final bell rang, however, M. C. Nechita of Romania had the day all to herself, and Ali was eliminated from competition.

During their Round of 16 featherweight encounter on Monday afternoon at Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo.

Nechita never slowed down his pace of action, and the judges rewarded him with a unanimous decision.

With a final score of 30-27, Nechita was victorious on all five judges’ sheets.

To honour the country from which she and her family fled as refugees when she was a toddler, Ali became the first boxer to compete for Somalia at the Olympics.

Her impressive history got her on stage, but once she was there, she had to compete with Nechita’s overwhelming volume.

The Romanian feisty featherweight may not have landed much, but she was too busy to lose the first round.

Similar trends emerged in round two. After turning pro on Halloween, Ali still had trouble establishing a reliable offensive rhythm.

Nechita, who worked her jab and once again wowed the judges with her better punch output, was unable to land many of her strikes on her due to her immaculate defence.

Ali was more active in the third round, trying to land her jab when a knockout was necessary. This time, though, Nechita was not eliminated, and she will be playing in the quarterfinals.

Ramla Ali Suffers Defeat to M. C. Nechita After Making an Historic Appearance for Somalia at Tokyo Games

Ramla Ali, 31, who made history as the first Somalian Olympic boxer, lost in a unanimous decision to Romania’s Claudia Nechita.

Ramla Ali, representing Somalia in the Olympics, lost to Claudia Nechita by unanimous decision.

The 31-year-old Ali made Olympic history as the first boxer to compete for Somalia, although she was eliminated from the featherweight tournament after a loss to Nechita of Romania.

Nechita’s fast hands and flurry of combinations in the first round troubled Ali.


M. C. Nechita victory was historic because she was the first Romanian woman to win a boxing match.

Her predecessor, Mihaela Lacatus, was eliminated in the preliminary round of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Ali is under contract with Matchroom Boxing and 258 MGT, the same organisations who represent Olympic gold medalist and current undisputed heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

Ali is a model and social rights activist in addition to being a professional boxer. In addition, she has written a self-help book that will be the basis for a film to be released in September.