Los Angeles Lakers Fighting Just To Make N.B.A. Playoffs+5:54

Will the Los Angeles Lakers Miss the Playoffs?

  • Los Angeles and San Antonio are currently tied for 10th place in the Western Conference with identical 31-45 records after the Lakers’ fourth straight defeat to the Utah Jazz on Thursday.
  • San Antonio leads the Lakers in the conference win-loss percentage tiebreaker despite the teams splitting their season series.
  • The No. 7 to No. 10 seeds in each conference will play a play-in tournament to determine the seventh and eighth playoff spots in each conference. The Lakers and Spurs are likely competing for the Western Conference’s last play-in berth.

Los Angeles Lakers Fighting Just To Make N.B.A. Playoffs+5:54

  • NBA playoff seeding is now 3.5 games ahead of Sacramento and two games behind New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Despite losing to the No. 2 seed Phoenix Suns in the first round of the playoffs last year, the Los Angeles Lakers made it through the play-in tournament and earned the No. 7 seed in this year’s tournament.

How Many Games are Left for the Lakers and Spurs?

Both teams still have six regular-season games to play.

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The LA Lakers

  1. New Orleans on Friday, April 1st.
  2. Denver on Sunday, April 3:
  3. At Phoenix on Tuesday, April 5.
  4. At Golden State on Thursday, April 7th.
  5. Oklahoma City: Friday, April 8
  6. At Denver on April 10th.

The Spurs are from San Antonio.

  1. Portland on April 1, 6 p.m.
  2. Portland on Sunday, April 3:
  3. Denver, Tuesday, April 5th.
  4. At the University of Minnesota on April 7th.
  5. Golden State: Saturday, April 9
  6. At Dallas on Sunday, April 10.

Who has a More Difficult Path to the Playoffs?

  • Only one of its remaining six opponents, Oklahoma City, is not in the playoff picture, making Los Angeles’ road more difficult.
  • While Portland is already out of the playoffs, S.A. has two games left before facing four other contenders. In the final four games, three of the teams play away from home.

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