LetMeWatchThis Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Watching movies or streaming favorite TV shows has now become the most prevalent form of entertainment for this generation. People like to enjoy their weekends or late night binging on their favorite shows and movies from the comfort of their homes and many would like to have this experience for free.

Now internet is filled with sites that claim to provide streaming services for free, but most of them are just malware and ads. Fortunately, there are some genuine sites too that provide great quality streaming content for free.

LetMeWatchThis is the well-known name of such websites. LetMeWatchThis or previously known as PrimeWire is a popular streaming website that provides its services for free. It has an excellent library of content and the quality is awesome.

Due to high popularity, it frequently faces downtimes due to heavy traffic, and in fact, due to copyright issues, it has been blocked in some countries.

Although one may use VPN services to gain access to this site, it is more logical to look for other alternatives of the mentions site to enjoy streaming smoothly.

15 Sites Like LetMeWatchThis

The following list has been curated, mentioning 15 Best sites like LetMeWatchThis to stream movies and TV shows, make sure to check out them. Well, you can choose any of the alternatives from the list as they are easy to use.

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1. Afdah

Afdah is basically a web scraper and indexes numerous streaming sites online, in this way it does not actually host movies on its servers. As a web scraper, it has the capability to provide every kind of movie and of almost every genre including action, animation, comedy, crime, documentaries, fantasy, horror, mystery, new, romance, sports, and sci-fi.

It caters to all needs of online streamers with movies and TV shows of every variety, high-quality video content, and fast and reliable streaming.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming site with a significant user base. It offers movies, original series, anime, and TV shows. To avail of the services, users have to become a prime member with a subscription fee and registration. The streaming experience is smooth and fast.

The content library is great and it is updated frequently with new media. The interface is sophisticated and modern. One can even download the movies to watch later. It is a great alternative to LetMeWatchThis.

3. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is another popular site when it comes to movie streaming. It hosts numerous films from different genres, as well as other websites on this list. If anyone wants to revisit some antique films from the fifties, it’s a bet that they will find them here.

The fact that it is ads-free is one unique attribute that many users like about this platform. And so users do not have to trouble themself with too many advertisements showing up now and then. This is particularly so because these commercials will make the streaming experience less interesting.

There are other interesting features beyond these, which should be a part of personal experience about SnagFilms. Check it out and have another LetMeWatchThis alternative site.

4. Panda

As a good alternative site to LetMeWatchThis, Panda-Streaming makes it to the list. Loaded with lots of new movies to download and enjoy, this site makes a great streaming option. The website also provides users with links to different exciting TV shows.

One can hardly go wrong while on this platform. This is because the ranking of each movie comes from previous users. With this, users will be directed to watch films rated very high. This is a sign that the time and resources are worth making such films.

Users will also find top-rated movies in the same vein, which are most viewed by users. With this, one can keep up with trendy movies and TV shows quickly. To direct oneself on what to expect from a film, one can also use the movie album that is attached to each film.

5. WatchMovieStream

WatchMovieStream is another alternative site to LetMeWatchThis. It is completely free and requires no SignUp. Watchmoviestream has a large movie database with HD content. This site is certainly one of them if one needs a site that has high-quality movies.

Millions of users flock to watch films every day on Watchmoviestream. One downside of this site is the fact that as long as users are still on the site, the ads will not stop popping up. But the site is frequently updated to make up for this unnecessary pop-up ads.

6. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is another good alternative site to LetMeWatchThis. With lots of TV shows and movies from different genres, this site is very rich. In addition to having movies and TV shows in a different genre, there is also another collection of films for SolarMovie.

These are films from various countries. Sure, one can learn one or two things from the other location in the world with these.

It’s very easy to find movies and TV shows with the tagging feature. Each movie or TV show user stream with this feature is tagged with similar movies. Tagging is usually for movies one might also like from similar producers or actors.

Most of the films users will find on this site are of very high quality, and all of them are HD. Well, one might find one or a CAM release, too, but there are very few of them.

7. 1Movies

Due to its rich content, 1movie attracts the attention of many users. Streamers can access so many TV shows as well as movies on this platform. One can also keep track of the last episode on this page when it comes to TV shows. With the rating guide for movies, one can only select movies of the highest quality.

The sorting choice makes it really easy on this site to find movies. Users can find movies matching the search by simply typing in the year of production and your favorite star. 1movies is really a choice and streamers need to try out it as an alternative to LetMeWatchThis.

8. PutLocker

When it comes to online streaming of movies and TV shows, PutLocker is a well-known name. It has suffered a lot of trouble due to its success in the market, including the seizure of domain names. But, luckily, the site was still able to live up to standards, amid all these difficulties.

Countless sets of TV shows and timeless classics can be viewed here. Similarly, if one needs movies recently released, this is one of the places they can get that quickly. PutLocker is simply filled with plenty of streaming content. Even cartoons, Asian dramas, and even anime can be accessed here.

9. Popcornflix

One of the outstanding streaming sites is Popcornflix. It serves tons of users who satisfactorily visit the site. The fact that it has a .com domain name is one notable feature that makes this site stand out. This is something that only a few streaming sites are known with.

Popcornflix has a very rich database for both movies and TV shows in terms of content collection. They group movies and TV show into genres to make things a lot easier for their increasing users. Doing this makes locating or finding any movie or TV show very easy. Overall this is a great LetMeWatchThis alternative site.

10. 123Movie

This is one of the favorite substitute sites for LetMeWatchThis. Even without subscribing, users can access the site and watch films, this makes it favorable for streamers to stroll through it.

Another good thing about 123Monvie that drives a number of users is the web interface.

To help a user easily locate movies, it is beautifully built with simplicity. The standard of movies on this site is just on the spot, and users can even get mirror links to any movie on this site. With that, LetMeWatchThis is worth being an alternative streaming platform.

11. FMovies

This platform is top-ranked when it comes to the richness of content. If one doesn’t want to go to the theaters for watching a new release, they can easily find them on this website and watch it from their home.

One of the features FMovies is renowned for is the latest and trending movies. So, streamers should check this out to enjoy watching movies all day from the comfort of the house.

Users can also enjoy streaming movies from Android devices on this platform. But one thing that worries users of this website is too many ads, so it is better to watch here with a good ad blocker.

12. Hulu

Hulu is another famous alternative to check out. With lots of TV channels, Hulu stands tall against other rivals. It also has plenty of up-to-date TV shows compared to what one may find on other pages.

Users are required to pay a subscription fee to get registered to access the site. The content is rich and the video quality is top-notch. Hulu is an excellent choice for streaming the latest movies and TV shows.

13. CoolMovieZone

CoolMovieZone is another popular name on top streaming sites. It has great content and is totally free. Many users appreciate it because of its design and features.

But while surfing this site, one must be careful and do not sign up for anything. The site tricks its user to get registered on any other site, which for the most time are not even related to movie streaming. CoolMovieZone does this to make some side money from these other sites. Apart from that, it is a decent streaming site.

14. Vumoo

Vumoo is better known among binge-watchers. It has a great movie collection of top-notch quality. Below the movie player, the next episodes or related movies are displayed that makes it really easy to watch another episode without a need to search for it. This makes it a great alternative to LetMeWatchThis.

15. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is another good alternative to LetMeWatchThis. On this platform, one can access movies of various genres of the highest quality. This platform is regularly updated for new films.

One can easily find movies here owing to its simple interface and a huge library. Distracting ads are the only downside to this platform, apart from that it can be considered as a decent streaming site.

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LetMeWatchThis is nevertheless the most popular streaming site. But due to its huge fanbase, sometimes technical fault or high traffic may affect the streaming experience.

So it is better to explore other streaming sites also, and the additional benefit of knowing the alternatives is, one may encounter movies or categories of content that are not available on LetMeWatchThis site.

The above list includes all the major players on the streaming site make sure to check them out and enjoy streaming.